Storage Containers for School or Church Yard Sales

Portable Storage Containers for Dallas Schools and Church Yard Sales

When fall arrives and school is back in session, it’s time for the parent’s organizations to start thinking about fundraising. Many schools and churches in the Dallas area choose to hold yard or garage sales to raise money to refill the coffers, taking donations of gently used items from families in the area. Consequently, many area schools and churches turn to a Dallas portable storage company for an on-site storage unit to warehouse this short-term inventory.

The following are some of the reasons churches and schools are using Dallas portable storage containers to help organize and more efficiently operate their fund-raising efforts.

Secure Storage

A portable storage container can be locked up securely and placed in an area that’s convenient for easy sale item retrieval. Just remember to place it in a well-lit, secure area. Also, put it in an area free of trees or bushes that will provide convenient cover for thieves. If possible, place the portable storage container inside an enclosed fence. And focusing a closed-circuit camera on the container will provide added security.

Ground-Level Access

It’s not always possible to stow away items to be sold on the ground level, but a portable storage container allows for easy, ground-level access.


Portable storage containers come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose which container meets your storage needs.

Costs that Meet your Budget

Budget adherence is especially important to churches and schools, and one of the best things about Dallas storage containers is that you use them for the length of time that perfectly suits your needs. Also, you can select the size of container that will accommodate the amount of inventory.

Year-Round Storage

You might be calling for donated items year-round, but storing them for up to twelve (12) months can take up valuable real estate. A portable storage container will allow you to store items for months until the day of the big sale.

Small, Specialty and/or Expensive Items

If you have smaller, more expensive items like jewelry, a portable storage container can be utilized as a separate store. This will allow you to more easily monitor browsing while providing a single point of entry and exit.

If you’re in the planning stages of your school or church yard sale, get a quick storage container quote with the online storage calculator at SAM Store and Move. Just enter what you have, and it’ll tell you what you’ll need and how much you’ll pay. For more information on Dallas storage containers, contact SAM Store and Move today.

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