Schools Use Portable Storage Containers

For teachers and school administrators, summer means one thing: it’s so quiet. But it also means you’ve arrived at the best time of year for undertaking projects.

Projects, whether for home, business or school, always result in a need for extra storage. That’s why many schools are using portable storage containers to keep workplaces clear while safely storing items either temporarily or over the long haul. Storage space is always at a premium, and this holds true for schools, as well. If you’ve hired contractors to perform work on your school, they can often charge exorbitant rates to store items in their own containers. Providing your own portable storage container will save money while allowing you to provide access to a few select individuals.

Other Reasons Schools Are Turning to Portable Storage Containers

Equipment Storage
Whether your excess equipment comes in the form of sporting goods or building materials for school plays, an on-site portable storage container provides a great, economical way to stow away gear. And because they’re portable, a storage container can be moved to address seasonal usage.

Records Management
An on-site storage container provides an excellent way to store paper records or files. This will free up considerable space that can be used for documentation requiring more immediate access.

Musical Instruments
Finding a location to safely store musical equipment is problematic for music teachers the world over. Sousaphones, tubas and drums take up valuable space that can be used for other purposes—like band practice.

Operations and Maintenance
A portable storage container perfectly answers the question, “Where can I store all of this equipment I only use a few times a year?” Whether it’s a riding lawn mower or equipment for marketing athletic fields, being able to keep them out of sight and out of the way will free up space for those items that are utilized on a more regular basis.

Budget Adherence
For public or private schools, stretching a dollar is an on-going challenge. A portable storage container can be a tremendous way to save money while tackling on-going storage issues. Trying to garner funds for the construction of a permanent addition is never easy…or fun.

…Concerning Safety

If your school is considering a portable storage container, keep the following safety tips in mind:

• If you’ll be storing expensive equipment or hard-to-replace items, like school records, consider adding an alarm system or closed-circuit camera to the storage unit.
• Always keep the storage container locked, even during school hours.
• Make sure the surrounding area is well-lit and isn’t hidden by trees or bushes.
• Limit container access to a limited number of teachers or administrators.

If you’re considering a portable storage container for your school, make sure you work with a company that will take into account your unique challenges. As you know, no two schools are alike. You can get a quick storage container quote for your school with the online storage calculator at SAM Store and Move. For more information on portable storage options, contact SAM Store today.

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