Where Can I Put a Rented Storage Container?

Portable Storage Rental Dallas

If you’re thinking of renting a portable storage container, you will need to decide where to put it on your property. You might worry that one of these containers is just too big for your property, but you’d be surprised how convenient and small their footprint can be. Consider the following when deciding if onsite storage is right for your needs and where it can be located on your property.

Space Needed for Rented Storage Containers

The great thing about storage containers is that they come in a variety of sizes so finding one to suit your particular needs shouldn’t be an issue. Most reputable companies who rent portable storage containers in Dallas will have an online storage calculator on their website. Just plug in the amount of items you have, and the calculator will tell you the size you’ll need.

Do I need a permit?

You might, but you’ll need to check with your city or county to determine if there are relevant codes addressing the issue. Many city codes restrict the use of temporary moving storage container on a property for a maximum of 90 (ninety) days and mandate that they must be a certain distance from property lines. Check with your homeowner’s association to determine if it has any relevant rules also.

What if my property is hilly?

If property has hills, bumps or swales, you might need to utilize a construction team to prepare the location for the container. But this is not a common problem– slight hills or uneven property shouldn’t be an issue. Remember, you are storing items, not living in the container.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the area set aside for the storage container is prone to flooding in the event of heavy rainfall. If so, you should pick another location.

Where the storage container will reside isn’t the problem; it’s getting it there that’s the issue

Once you’ve determined where the storage container will sit, you might be wondering how in the world the delivery driver will get it to that spot. The key is to have enough straight clearance (distance you’ll need to get the storage container into place) around your desired location. For instance, a 20-foot-long container will require about 75 feet of straight clearance. A 40 foot container will require about 100 feet of straight clearance. About 12 feet of width and about 20 feet of overhead clearance are also required.

Think about where you will put your container in advance so you know if it will fit. Also, let the driver know ahead of time how you’d like the doors to face.

If you need temporary storage and are wondering exactly what to consider prior to placing an order, call (972) GET-A-SAM to contact the professionals at SAM Store and Move today.  Or you can get a quick storage container quote with their online storage calculator.

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