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Congratulations! You sold the house, for full asking price! The only problem is, the buyer insists on closing and moving in on their preferred date, which is much sooner than anticipated. You took the offer and accept their conditions—the offer is too good to be true—and the sale is going to go through. Now what? Where will you live? It looks like an extended stay hotel is the best option, since you won’t have to sign a lease. But what will you do with all of your stuff?

SAM to the Rescue

A SAM residential moving container is the answer when you are moving and need a place to store your furniture, household items and personal belongings during a residential move. All you have to do is contact SAM Store and Move and we will drop one (or more) of our clean storage containers at your residence. You pack up your belongings and load them in the container at your convenience. Then, just give us a call, and we will pick up the container and take it to our secured, climate-controlled, sprinklered, storage facility where you store it for as long as needed.

What Are SAM Moving Containers?

SAM containers are 16’ long by 8’ wide and they are 8’tall. They have translucent ceilings to allow light in so you can easily see when you are inside. The walls and ceilings are smooth so items put inside will not be scratched or dinged and there are 16 tie-down rings inside that can be used to secure items. One SAM container can hold the furniture and other items in a typical 1,500 square foot home. The exterior of our containers is a subdued gray color that will not attract undue attention should you decide to use it in front of your home.

How Many Containers Do I Need?

Not sure how many containers to order? Just use our handy storage calculator to determine how many SAM containers you will need. Then give us a call at (972) 457-3630 to place your order.

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