Temporary Storage Containers for Rebuilding After Disaster

Using Temporary Storage after Disaster

Every year, the news brings reports of catastrophic events that simply cannot be anticipated or controlled: hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, mudslides, etc. As recovery and rebuilding begins after a disaster, it’s time to sift through the rubble and put things back together. Often, temporary moving storage containers can be instrumental in the recovery of possessions and the rebuilding process after a disaster.


If a disaster, such as fire or flooding, has occurred, a portable storage container can provide a convenient storage option. Furniture and belongings that are salvageable will likely have to be removed from the business or residence. Putting them outdoors in the elements is not an option. Containers can also be utilized as a staging area where items can be sifted through or sorted. It can serve as a perfect on-site facility that will allow you to take stock of your current belongings.


Once rebuilding efforts begin, a portable storage container is a great place to store household items that can be damaged by water, mold or excessive sawdust. It’s also a great place for contractors to store building materials that might get damaged by moisture or be tempting for thieves.

If you’re wondering how a portable storage container can help you prepare for, or rebuild due to, a disaster, contact the professionals at SAM Store and Move today.  You can get a quick storage container quote with their online storage calculator.

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