Self-Storage Gets Your Car Back in the Garage

Rent Moving Self Storage Units in Dallas, TX

Is your garage so full of stuff there is no room for your car? This is a situation a lot of homeowners are familiar with. They start with one or two items and then the pile grows, occupying more and more space, until the car gets pushed out of the garage. If this is the case, then consider a self-storage unit to get your car back in the garage.

What is a self-storage solution?

Self-storage allows individuals to rent portable storage containers to store their excess belongings either at their own home or in a storage facility belonging to the provider. It offers the perfect storage solution for households that are buried in seasonal items or items that are rarely used but are too important to throw away.

Each portable container has a dimension of approximately 16 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet and can hold the contents of a 1,500-square-foot home. The containers have smooth interior walls to prevent dings and scratches, 16 mounted tie-down rings to help secure the items firmly, a translucent roof that lets in natural light so you can see what is inside, and a lockable, roll-up door. The containers are made of unbreakable material and feature a framing made of galvanized steel.

Once your belongings are put inside the containers and locked, they will be safe from water, rain, wind, rodents, insects, mold, mildew, rust, children, burglars, trespassers, and accidental damages and breakages. You can forget about them until the next season or until you need them.

Your home or a warehouse?

When deciding whether to store the portable containers at your home or in a warehouse, you need to consider the following: what types of items you are going to store, how often you need to access them, and for how long you will be storing them.

Storage facilities have a climate-controlled environment, 24/7 security and are built to resist the forces of nature, which means they are safer. They are also a better option if there is no space for a portable container outside your home. With all the stuff gone, you will have all the space you need for your car in the garage. If you need to access your items frequently, then storing them in a container at your home is the best solution for you.

Before renting portable containers from any storage and moving company, it is important to get a quote. Quotes can vary considerably between companies. Click here to get a quote from SAM (Store and Move), the most trusted name in the storage and moving industry in Dallas. Rent from the best to get your car back in the garage.

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