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Dallas Portable Storage Units for Retailers

One of the most common problems for retailers, either the Big Box or Mom and Pop variety, is retail inventory storage. Inventory changes rapidly, and might be much larger in certain peak times of the year. And that peak time of the year might leave retailers left with inadequate inventory space, which can lead to inefficiency and an inability to get to items quickly, if ever. And that can mean lost sales.
Utilizing a portable storage unit for your retail location can be a very economical, convenient way to tackle a number of issues:

Affordable On-Site Retail Inventory Storage

Moving items kept at an off-site warehouse to an on-site storage unit allows them to be easily accessed. As well, it can allow less expensive merchandise to be pulled off shelves, while making more room for higher ticket items.

Seasonal Retail Inventory Storage

Certain times of year, such as the holiday season, can create major issues when it comes to storing inventory. It can leave the retail location a mess, creating inefficiencies and a reduction in sales.

Safe, Ground-Level Access

A portable storage facility can be kept close by and locked up securely. Also, it provides ground-level access.

Cheaper than Building a Warehouse

Using a storage container can greatly reduce costs by preventing the construction of additional facilities. New construction is expensive, and there’s no guarantee the space will be used optimally.

Multiple Sizes Available

A portable storage facility comes in various sizes, so the perfect size can be selected for your specific needs.

Convenient Inventory Storage During Store Remodeling

If you’re going to remodel your retail location, a portable storage container will provide an easy way to store unused items that might otherwise take up inventory space.

Portable Storage Container Security

While there are many benefits to using portable storage for retailers, there are several things to consider when adding one:

  • Consider adding an alarm system or closed-circuit camera to the storage unit,
  • Always keep the storage container locked, even during store hours,
  • Ensure that the area around the storage container is well-lit,
  • If possible, keep the storage container inside an enclosed, locked fence,
  • Limit storage container access to certain–and a limited number of–employees, and
  • Try to keep the storage container away from trees, bushes, or other areas that make it convenient for criminals to hide.

Portable storage for retailers is a simple, cost effective way to tackle many issues that might prevent optimal performance and profit. Get a quick quote for your retail inventory storage with the online storage calculator at SAM Store and Move. For more information on portable storage options, contact SAM Store and Move.

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