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Any homeowner who has moved to a new place knows the hassles and costs involved in moving. There are price tags attached to nearly everything: the truck to haul your stuff, the time it takes to load, sometimes even the process of loading the truck itself. If there is a delay or unexpected change, it can result in extra fees as well, which usually means moving has to be a well-planned rush job.
In addition to all this, temporary storage is often necessary, incurring extra costs.

Commercial moving and storage can also take its toll on the company’s revenue, especially if it is handled with anything less than the utmost precision in planning. Keeping storage costs, whether short term or long term, within a set budget can be difficult to manage.


Portable storage can make residential storage and moving much less of a strain on your budget. Storage containers, such as those provided by SAM Store and Move, can help you save money by eliminating a number of the costs associated with the moving and storage process.

No truck: SAM Store and Move will deliver a portable 8’x8’x16’ storage container directly to your home, eliminating the high costs of renting a moving truck. Once the unit is loaded, we take the unit to either a secure storage facility or directly to your new location. This eliminates the upfront costs of truck rental, the fuel needed to move all your belongings, and the mileage that would otherwise put extra strain on the vehicle.
Low rates: The low monthly storage rates for SAM containers eliminate the risk of high overtime fees for unexpected delays in getting to your new home. The low cost also allows you to keep items in storage for longer periods of time.
Take your time: Instead of rushing to get a truck loaded to avoid excess rental costs, you can take your time loading your SAM unit without extra fees.

Convenience and low rates make SAM Store and Move containers an ideal option for anyone planning a move. Also, they make storage easy as loading up the container and making a call to get it picked up.


Commercial storage is often necessary for handling excess inventory, seasonal items, and rarely-used equipment. It can be an arduous, costly process, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Some of the benefits that offices and contractors can get through SAM storage units include:

Faster storage: We handle the transportation of your container, which can be loaded up and sent off with relative ease. Once the container is filled, we come by and take it away, moving a high volume of items into storage all at once.
Reduce transport costs: Moving stuff costs money in terms of fuel, hourly rates, asset protection, and vehicle maintenance. SAM cuts these costs away, improving your bottom line.
Low risk: Our secure storage facility and high-quality containers keep your assets safe from theft, weather, and accidents.

Regardless of whether you need storage for household items, office supplies, or industrial equipment, SAM Store and Move provides you with a cost-effective solution to all your storage and moving needs. For more information, contact us today.



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