The 10 Most Common Items Stored During Fall and Winter


As the weather gets colder, you’ll find yourself not needing certain items cluttering up your house. (We’re looking at you, Mr. Six-Foot Scarecrow.) If you’re interested in ideas for clearing some space, here are some of the most common items people usually store during the fall and winter months. Each is a great candidate for storage in a temporary storage container.

1. Patio Furniture

As with many items on this list, patio furniture is traditionally a warm-weather item. Many folks don’t enjoy spending time on their patio when temperatures are chilly or freezing. Store all those chairs, umbrellas and tables to protect them and keep them out of the way in the fall/winter.

2. Summer Clothes

Swimsuits, tank tops, shorts, sandals and other warm-weather clothing is just taking up space in the cooler months. Swap them out with jackets, coats, pants and other clothes more appropriate for the fall or winter.

3. Pool Gear

You also won’t be needing pool gear or supplies, either. Pack up those inflatable pools, slip-and-slides, water tables and other related gear until summer rolls around again.

4. BBQ Grills

You may try to convince yourself that you will tough it out and grill outdoors during the winter, but how’d that work out last year? Store your grill or smoker properly to keep it from rusting over.

5. Recreational Equipment

Sports fan? It’s unfortunately time to put away those baseball bats and golf clubs, unless you know of a convenient indoor facility. Skateboards, roller blades, kayaks, canoes and yard games are also good candidates for fall/winter storage.

6. Warm-Weather Accessories

You stored your summer clothes, but what about your summer accessories? Gather up all your shopping totes, beach towels, sunscreen and any other random knick-knacks for storage.

7. Gardening Tools

When your yard goes dormant, so should your supplies for maintaining it. Shovels, lawnmowers, trimmers, rakes and hoses are just going to be prone to damage and decay if you leave them out.

8. Camping Supplies

Unless you’re planning an ice fishing trip or a trip to a cabin, you might as well store away your camping supplies like tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, lanterns and air mattresses.

9. Beach Supplies

Similarly, you can also store beach supplies in the winter months. Things like boogie boards, sand toys and lawn chairs won’t get much use when it’s cold.

10. Luggage

The fact is, the summer is the most popular time of the year for travel. If you’re not one to go on trips during the fall or winter, you might as well store your luggage. Don’t worry, you can keep it toward the front of your unit in case of a trip.

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