Staging Your Home for a Faster Sale

When you put up your home for sale, there are many preparations you’ll need to make, not the least of which is making sure it’s presentable for potential buyers. Your home needs to be decluttered and cleaned up to make the best first impression possible. This is important for several reasons which are described below.

Roomier Appearance

A house packed to the brim with furniture, personal belongings, and other items looks smaller, and people don’t want to buy a place that appears cramped. Decluttering gives your home a much roomier appearance, allowing prospective buyers to envision themselves spreading out in the space each area provides.

Attractive and Inviting Aesthetic

Clutter looks ugly. When you clean up and get all that excess stuff out of the way, it makes your home look much more pleasing to the eye—a plus when it comes to selling your home for a higher amount.

Adequate Storage Space

Closets packed to overflowing, disorganized storage areas, and loose items lying around all detract from a buyer’s first impression. These make it appear as if your current storage space is insufficient, and that can make your home unappealing to potential buyers.

Keep Personal Belongings out of Sight

When people come to look at your home, they need to be able to envision themselves living there. Personal items, memorabilia, family photos, and so forth all give your home a personalized look—one that is unique to you and your family, not to the buyer. To make sure your home feels like it could be the buyer’s home, it’s best to keep those items out of sight.

Decluttering with Portable Storage

When you declutter, you need a place to keep your belongings during staging. A perfect solution to this is a portable self-storage unit from SAM Store and Move. Here’s how it works:

  • Call SAM Store and Move and request a container
  • We’ll come and deliver your portable storage container to your home
  • Fill the container as you declutter
  • Stage your home worry-free
  • Call SAM portable stoarge company to haul your container either to your new home or into long-term storage

Our portable storage containers are spacious and provide a convenient way to declutter your home for a quicker sale. To get your container delivered straight to you, call 972-GET-a-SAM today.

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