Spring Cleaning: Tips for Decluttering Your Home


Spring. It’s the time of the year when many people actually get excited about cleaning and decluttering. (Crazy, right?) With all of us spending more time in our homes following 2020, the need for decluttering and cleaning this year is likely higher than it’s been in a long time.

Figuring out where to start? That’s the problem. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here are some tips to help your home look more presentable this season.

Break Up the Project

A whole house that needs decluttering can be daunting. But if you break up the project into manageable sections, it’s much easier for you (and especially children, if you have them) to start tackling it. Consider creating a checklist and breaking it down by room, by person, by day or by task. (Checking each item off the list will be satisfying as well.)

Donate, Sell or Trash

The fewer items you have to work with, the better. Do a whole-home purge (or room-by-room purge, if that’s how you’re tackling it) and get rid of anything that is old or unused. You can trash, sell or donate any items you aren’t using—and the latter can be a nice tax break.

Utilize Storage Containers

We’re not talking about normal-sized storage containers that you use for organizing household essentials; we’re referring to a residential storage container that you can have delivered to your location and keep furniture and other items out of the way. With a solution like SAM (Store & Move), you can keep the container on site for as long as you need it. 

Get Outside Help

A friend or family member can be an excellent resource for the success of your decluttering project. Not only can an outside person help with the organizing, decluttering and deciding what to keep, he or she can give you the perspective of a visitor to your home and let you know about anything that is unsightly or stands out in a bad way. 

Do Your Research

Finally, keep reading articles like this one! There are lots of decluttering videos on YouTube full of tips that you might find valuable. Either way, make sure your home is in better shape this spring than it’s been the past year.

If you’re in need of a storage container while you declutter your home, contact us today for a no-obligation quote.