Self-Storage Unit vs. Portable Storage Container

There’s only so much storage space in your home, and sometimes you’ll need some extra room. Many people opt for self-storage, and while that may have its benefits, it might not necessarily be the best solution for your situation. Portable storage often provides much needed flexibility that you wouldn’t get with other storage solutions.


Self-storage units provide a consistent and (generally) secure place to store excess items. There are many options to choose from depending on your storage needs, but they have one thing in common—they are all restricted to a single location.

This means you will need to haul your belongings there yourself. If you don’t need to access your storage unit very frequently, then this can work for you, but it can quickly become inconvenient if you’re constantly driving there and back. Even if you’re not accessing the unit frequently, it may still require multiple trips to get everything into storage in the first place.

When transporting larger items, this inconvenience multiplies. The costs of transporting furniture and other sizeable belongings can add up quickly.

Portable Storage

Unlike self-storage, portable storage containers don’t require you to constantly travel back and forth to fill up the unit. Instead, the container is delivered straight to your door. There, you can fill it up at your own convenience, whether you need to store items there long-term or simply need a place for your furniture during a remodel.

For long-term storage, the container is picked up and transported to a secure storage facility, saving you the costs of transporting everything yourself. The container can also be transported to a location of your choosing, which makes it great for moving as well.

Convenience and Flexibility

If your priorities are primarily flexibility and convenience, then portable storage such as SAM Store and Move containers are ideal. All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll deliver your container to your location. Fill it at your own convenience, then call us again to haul it to our secure storage facility. If you need to access your container, simply notify us and we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive. It’s quick, easy, and flexible, so give us a call today for your SAM unit.

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