Portable Storage Helps College Students

Heading to college is an exciting time that brings many changes. One of the biggest is the student’s move to a new home– a dorm, an off-campus residence, or a fraternity/sorority house. Students and their parents spend hours shopping for all the items the student will need: bedding, accent furniture, lamps, laundry supplies, TV, microwave, desk and school supplies, decorative items, etc. During the school year and between semesters, portable storage helps college students organize and protect their belongings in several different ways.

Summer Storage

Two semesters, then summer, then two semesters again, and then back to summer. That’s the pattern of a college student’s life. During the summer break, many students will head back home to work or relax, putting their college life—and living arrangements—on hold.

Students must either transport their belongs home for the summer and back to school in the fall, or arrange temporary storage for their items. Portable storage containers are a simple and convenient alternative to hauling everything home, allowing students to keep their belongings in a safe place for a few months at a time.

Students can arrange for a SAM portable storage container to be delivered to their residence sometime during the weeks before school ends. They simply pack the container at their own pace then call for a pickup when finished. The container will be picked up and transported to a secure, alarmed warehouse for storage until the student returns to school in the fall. Just a quick phone call is all that is needed to schedule a delivery to the student’s address for the new school year.

Graduation Time

After graduation, another transition takes place and there are new challenges to tackle. Whether it’s back home, on to graduate school, or to a job in a new city, SAM Store and Move can help make the move easier. Just as before, the graduate can get a SAM, load it up and have it delivered to the next destination wherever that may be.

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