Moving Container Cost Myths


Myths start for a variety of reasons. Some are based on real facts. Others are the work of people with an active imagination. Still others simply like to distort the real story and see where it leads. One of the biggest sources of myths? The internet. Fortunately, we’re here to set the record straight when it comes to moving and storage.

Do moving containers cost significantly more than moving trucks? Are you really charged by how much of the container you fill up? Let’s debunk a few of the most common myths out there related to moving container costs.

Myth #1: Moving containers cost way more than moving trucks.

The cost for moving containers is actually comparable to moving trucks and is even cheaper in some cases. Advancements in technology and process efficiencies by today’s moving container companies have driven costs down into an affordable range for most consumers.

Myth #2: The cost for moving containers only covers a limited amount of time.

Moving containers are billed monthly, so you can keep them for as long as you wish (but the cost will increase the longer you keep it). As such, they are ideal for storage. Choose whether you prefer on-site storage or warehouse storage—and rent them for however long is necessary for your move or ongoing storage needs.

Myth #3: You’re charged for moving containers based on how much of the container you fill up.

We’re not sure where this myth came from, but moving containers are based on flat monthly rates, not how much of the container is filled up. Whether you fill up a container all of the way, halfway or barely at all, the rate stays the same.

Myth #4: All moving containers cost the same.

As with most products and services on the marketplace today, costs vary from company to company. Containers are built with different design features, materials and overhead involved. Do some research and find the right cost-to-feature balance that’s right for you.

Myth #5: You have to reserve a container before you know the cost.

This last myth is definitely not true and we have the link to prove it. You can get a quote easily online before you book. All you have to do is input your ZIP code, number of containers you want, desired date for drop-off, on-site or warehouse storage and you’ll get a quote in minutes.

If you want real answers about storage container costs, give us a call at 972-GET-A-SAM today for an honest, no-obligation quote.