Home Safety: Tips for Protecting Your Home, Belongings and Family


Your home is more than just where you sleep at night. It protects your belongings, your family members and countless memories. Due to recent events, more and more of us are spending significant time at home. As such, home safety is more top of mind than it’s been in the past.

Here are a few ways to ensure everything in your house is protected.

Tips for Protecting Your Family

Let’s start with the most important, shall we? It’s easy to lose track of kids, elderly, pets and other family members when so many things are going on at home. Furthermore, since we’re staying home more, the number of household injuries and other accidents is on the rise. Here are a few tips for protecting your family:

  • Do a sweep of the house for drugs, batteries, cleaners and anything dangerous.
  • Remove clutter from high-traffic areas.
  • Cover the pool, hot tub and any other potential safety hazards you aren’t using regularly.
  • Add extra safety precautions like child safety locks and non-slip bathtub mats.
  • Ensure elderly family members can access everything safely.
  • Create a family plan for emergencies.

Tips for Protecting Your Home

Next, let’s move on to the actual home itself. Your residence is at risk from the higher number of family members occupying it each day as each has responsibility in securing the home, but it’s also at risk from the elements, criminals and more. Here are some tips for protecting your home:

  • Invest in a home security system or doorbell alarm.
  • Keep doors and windows locked at all times.
  • Don’t share codes or keys with neighbors or friends (unless you trust them).
  • Clean the dryer vent annually and perform other regular maintenance.
  • Don’t use lead, radon and other hazardous materials.

Tips for Protecting Your Belongings

Last, let’s talk about the items in your home. We encourage you to rent a portable storage container to clear out and securely store some of your belongings, but you need to trust the storage company and that your belongings will be safe. Here are some tips:

  • Use a residential storage container to pack up clutter and other belongings on site.
  • Keep high-value items in a secure, fireproof safe.
  • Don’t let kids have access to paint and anything else that can cause permanent damage.
  • Use hand sanitizer and cleaner to avoid the transfer of bacteria and dirt on items.
  • Think about your digital belongings/money, too! Don’t share things like passwords.

If you’re interested in using storage containers for belongings, reach out today and we’ll give you a no-obligation quote.