Get Extra Storage When Family Moves In

Rent Dallas Portable Containers for Extra Storage Needs

If you’re not familiar with the phrase Boomerang Kid, it refers to young adults who move back in with mom and dad. If junior has decided to take over the room he was so quick to vacate after high school graduation, it might be time to think about portable storage solutions. There will be excess stuff, there’s no question. You will need extra storage when family moves back in.

Or if you have family members or friends who have been displaced due to Hurricane Harvey or another life altering event, you may have decided to open up your home to them until they can get back on their feet. Again, storage solutions will soon become a topic of interest.

Tips When Getting a Portable Storage Container


If you’re in need of portable storage solutions in the event your home’s population has suddenly grown, the following tips on selecting a portable storage container will help with the transition.

  • Utilize containers that come with forgiving interior walls to help protect your belongings from dings and scratches.
  • Get a portable storage container that is equipped with tie-down rings to help secure larger items.
  • Use portable storage containers that have translucent ceilings that let in light so you can see what is inside.
  • Choose a portable storage container that has a roll-up door, which allows the unit to be placed in more confined spaces.

What if I Don’t Want the Storage Container to Remain at my House?

If you require a storage container for any extended period of time and you’d rather not have it taking up space on your property, look for a portable storage container company that can house your valuables off-site. They’ll be able to drop it off, and then haul it away once it’s filled.

If you have the need for a storage container to be safely stowed off-site, make sure you select a company that can store your items inside a climate-controlled facility. It will keep your items out of the elements while protecting fragile items from high temperatures. Also, make sure the storage facility has a 24-hour-a-day alarm system and is equipped with an up-to-date sprinkler system.

If you’re in need of extra storage because family has moved in (or back in), get a quick storage container quote with the online storage calculator at SAM Store and Move. For more information on portable storage options, contact SAM Store today.

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