Downsizing Your Office Space: 7 Tips


Since May 2020, several major companies have talked about adopting more permanent work-from-home positions. Many others are now following suit. This makes sense, as using more remote employees can help your business save on overhead costs and productivity doesn’t go down for many industries. We’re also adapting to a more digital environment. The only question is, what do you do with all your existing office space? If the end of your lease is coming up, it might be a good time to consider moving into a smaller space.

If you’re considering permanently downsizing your office space, here are some tips to consider.

1. Consider More Remote Employees

You’ve likely already had a sample of what work-from-home employees are like at your business, but have you considered moving more employees to remote positions or transitioning certain roles into permanent work-from-home roles? As long as the same volume and quality of work is getting done, there’s no major downside to considering more remote employees.

2. Think Energy Efficiency

The biggest overhead costs with offices are related to the size of the space itself and the utilities involved. A smaller space will naturally help you with electricity and other utilities, but consider using energy-efficient devices and creating shared workspaces to further drive down costs.

3. Utilize a Portable Storage Container

There are several reasons why a commercial portable storage container makes sense when downsizing an office. For one, you can store extra supplies or equipment without taking up valuable office space. Second, you can store any temporary or seasonal items (e.g. product giveaways for an upcoming trade show). Finally, they help during your move as you downsize.

4. Go Virtual with Your Files

Still using paper? It’s the perfect time to re-think how you store files and other documents. There are plenty of secure, cloud-based platforms available these days to transform your paper files into digital ones.

5. Rent Meeting Rooms As Needed

One of the biggest reasons businesses still need office spaces is for meetings. While there are plenty of virtual meeting options out there, nothing quite beats face-to-face interactions, especially if your company is involved with sales. Instead of having a permanent meeting room, however, consider renting them as needed for important meetings.

6. Eliminate Unnecessary/Bulky Equipment

Unused modems, servers and refrigerators only take up valuable space. Consider eliminating any equipment or furniture that isn’t being used anymore. Or, again, use a storage container until you need it again.

7. Embrace Versatile Furniture

In a small space, versatility is key. Consider using furniture that has multiple purposes, such as a standing desk, stacking chairs or expandable coffee table. Collapsibility is a great feature for businesses looking to downsize.

If you’d like to learn more about how a portable storage container can help with downsizing your office space, give us a call at 972-GET-A-SAM today for a no-obligation quote.