Do You Need a Permit for Dallas Storage Pods?

Do You Need a Permit for Dallas Storage Pods_It’s easy to overlook the details when it comes to moving and storage. After all, you’re likely excited about your destination and mainly thinking about your belongings, your family and what you’re going to do once you get there. If you plan on using a portable storage container during your Dallas move, however, one thing you need to keep in mind is permits.

Specifically, if you use a moving storage container in Dallas, do you need a parking permit? How do you get one? What is the cost? We answer all of these questions in this post.

Do You Need a Permit for Dallas Storage Pods?

For starters, do you even need a permit for a storage container in Dallas? It depends largely on where you plan to put it. If it’s at an apartment complex, on the street, in a residential area with an HOA or intersects a public sidewalk (even on a private driveway), you likely need a parking permit. Regulations differ by location, so be sure to contact the Dallas Parking Enforcement and Management office to make sure you don’t need city permission. Even if you don’t, you may need permission from your HOA or whoever owns the land you’re placing your storage pod on.

How Do You Get a Permit for Dallas Storage Pods?

Unfortunately, to get a Dallas storage pod parking permit, you have to apply for it — which requires paperwork. The good news is that you can do this in person, by phone and sometimes even online. Make sure you plan for this at least weeks in advance, however, as you need to get the permit approved and may need to put up signs warning your neighbors about your need for the space where you’re storing the container. (If you don’t do signs, we recommend at least warning your neighbors as a courtesy.) Also, make sure you think about both your original location and your future destination.

What Is the Cost for Dallas Storage Pod Permits?

Prices for permits vary. The cost for your destination will depend on where it is. As for Dallas, there are usually small fees associated with permits, though they can be as low as $6 (for residential parking permit hang tags, for example). Again, it depends on where you plan on putting your storage container. You’ll likely find out the exact cost for your storage pod permit when you call the Dallas Parking Enforcement and Management office to see if you need a permit in the first place. If you’re storing somewhere on private property (such as your home’s land), you might not have to pay anything at all.

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