Dallas Home Decluttering and Staging Best Practices

Dallas-Home-Decluttering-and-Staging-Best-Practices-300x198-1North Texans declutter or stage their homes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s because family or friends are in town. Other times, it’s because they’re hosting an event. The most common reason, however, is because they’re selling their home. 

Approximately 130,000 people moved into the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2018 alone, according to D Magazine. A third of them wanted to buy new homes. So, how do you appeal to new DFW residents? By presenting your home in as positive a light as possible. That’s where decluttering and staging steps in.

Decluttering vs. Staging

First, let’s define the two. Merriam-Webster defines “declutter” as a way “to remove clutter from a room, an area, etc.” As for staging, it’s more of an “act” or play—it has a defined audience. While decluttering can be done at any time to free up space and make your home more presentable, home staging is often done with a specific intention (usually making a home presentable with the intention of selling).

Decluttering Tips for Dallas Homes

One of the best ways to declutter your Dallas home is to rent a portable storage container. Portable storage containers in Dallas-Fort Worth are more convenient than ever these days, with companies like 972-GET-A-SAM offering to deliver the storage container to your location. This lets you load them up with your clutter at your convenience, then call to have them picked up.

Here are some other tips for decluttering your home effectively, courtesy of Zen Habits:

  • Clear a starting zone
  • Start small (e.g. clearing off a counter)
  • Schedule a decluttering weekend
  • Visualize the clean home you want
  • Teach children where things belong
  • Learn to file quickly
  • Donate, sell, get rid of or store seasonal clothing

Staging Tips for Dallas Homes

Like decluttering, a portable storage container can help you stage your home to sell it (or for numerous additional reasons, like a TV interview as one example). After all, you can rent the container for as long as you want, even if it’s as short as a month. This is perfect for home-selling situations, which can last several months.

Here are some other tips for staging your home effectively, courtesy of HGTV:

  • Invest in new appliances
  • Add a new coat of paint to the most visible rooms
  • Clear clutter or personal items
  • Use tape outlines on the floor instead of moving furniture
  • Let the sun in or turn on several lights
  • Get rid of items with strong odors
  • Clear out storage areas
  • Create a nice flow in your rooms

If you’re planning to declutter or stage your home in the near future, contact 972-GET-A-SAM for a free quote today.