At-Home Storage Containers: Worth It Or Not?


Are storage containers that you use on site at your home worth the cost? If you’ve never used one before (or don’t know anyone who has), it’s pretty difficult to tell. The best you can do is to properly research at-home storage containers and see how they compare to what you typically use for moving and storage.

First, let’s see how the cost compares to other solutions, then determine whether it makes financial sense or not.

At-Home Storage Container Cost

Since at-home storage containers combine the best features of traditional storage unit facilities and truck rentals, these latter two options are the most popular alternatives to them. At-home storage containers are comparable in price to a traditional storage unit, but you have the added flexibility of loading on site and having the company transport it. 

Truck rentals are also comparable in price, if not a bit cheaper, but you have unknown cost variables like fuel, mileage, rental time, truck size, insurance/damage and more. With an at-home storage container, you know exactly how much space you have, how many containers you’ll need and how much it’s going to cost with zero ambiguity. (Get a quote online here!) 

Are At-Home Storage Containers Worth It?

So, since at-home storage containers are comparable in cost to other moving and storage options, what makes them special? All you have to do is look at their name to see that they are delivered to your location, but what are their other benefits? Here are some of the features of at-home storage containers that make them well worth the cost:

  • Flexibility: One of the biggest benefits to at-home storage containers is that it gives you flexibility with your timeline. You can load or unload the container as fast or as slow as you want, since they’re rented out on a monthly basis. No worrying about turning in your truck on time or anxiousness about packing or unpacking.
  • Convenience: These types of containers are delivered to the location of your choice, making them a more convenient option than a truck or facility. Both of your alternatives to at-home storage containers involve you (or someone you hire) transporting your belongings to where they’ll be stored, whereas an at-home container is delivered to you.
  • Security: At SAM (Store & Move) at least, we design our containers with security in mind. That’s why we have multiple security latches and a durable galvanized steel frame, as well as tie-down latches for securing items. You’ll feel confident about leaving your belongings in an at-home storage container overnight with one of SAM’s portable storage containers.

If you’re interested in an at-home storage container, contact SAM (Store & Move) today for a no-obligation quote.