Is a Moving Container Your Best Option?

Is a Moving Container Your Best Option?Most home packers and movers would suggest you consider moving containers whenyou’re planning to move. Local relocation services have started adopting this innovative form of moving goods from one place to another. Whether it is across the city, the state or the country – many residential moving companies nearby will recommendthis option. Here are some reasons why moving containers may be your best option.

Reason #1: the factor of being easily loadable and on your schedule.

Moving containers are easily loadable. If you have ever moved your stuff with trucks, then you know that it is extremely hectic and you’re likely under time pressure based on having the truck for a specified time period. Having a moving container left at your location allows for flexibility in how long you need to take in loading it. You just schedule pick up of your moving container when you’re ready.

Reason #2: they are relatively cheap!

Depending on the residential movers that you appoint, portable moving containers are a lot cheaper than moving trucks. You can pack all your stuff in the containers and pack them as you like. They will be loaded onto the containers and transported. The total rent paid in order to use a movable container is less than that paid for a moving truck. You will be able to compare pricing on your own to verify this.

Reason #3: they are available in variable sizes.

Depending on the home packers and movers offering portable storage, you can be provided with variable sizes of moving containers that canaccommodate your belongings. This is a specialty of portable moving containers, that they are available in variable sizes. All of them are charged uniformly. This is the best part. You are not usually required to pay more for a bigger container.

Reason #4: they are extremely secure.

Portable storage containers are dropped off at your location and you can easily keep them indoors. This keeps the containers secure and thus everything inside also remains secure. You can fill the stuff up and lock the containers behind closed doors – this is it!

Reason #5: The delivery is super-fast.

Moving trucks use special lifts that move the containers with extreme care. Since the containers aren’t as bulky as the trucks, they can be transported easily and with variable modes of transportation. When was moving goods across the state this easy? Moving containers can also be loaded as ship or air freights.

Reason #6: They are fit for local, and international deliveries.

For people who move from state to state, portable storage can be extremely handy. Also, when people have to move from one country to another, they often think of selling off their furniture. But, you do not have to do this anymore. With movable containers, you can now take your furniture and all fragile stuff with you to another country. They are extremely cost efficient in moving over long distances.


Moveable containers can be used to safely transport goods. They also result in less cost incurred in comparison with what you may have to pay as a result of using packing services and traditional movers. These containers are weatherproof, even during storms, and keep everything inside extremely safe.

Portable moving containers are available in variable sizes and are available for different purposes. Each portable storage unit is classified as per the weight it can transport and store. There are different containers available for heavy stuff and for lightweight items. All of this makes packing and transporting extremely easy and thus makes the movable containers a great option.

How to Safely Pack Fine China and Glassware

How to Safely Pack Fine China and GlasswareMoving to a new home? Have you packed all of the fragile items cautiously? What about the flower vase, show pieces, fine china and the glassware? Have all the fragile items been carefully catered to? If not, don’t worry, we will tell you how you can safely pack Fine China and Glassware.

The safe packing of fine china and glassware can be done in different ways, as described below. You may choose whatever suits you best.

Method #1:

You will need tissue paper rolls – the larger type for wrapping gifts. Place the tissue papers flat on any even surface. They should be of a size that will more than cover the item you’re packing. Start with the flat items. Keep the items with their faces down and wrap the tissues completely around them. Secure all sides with tape or you may just fold all the corners inward – making a safe covering for the glassware. For items such as bowls or cups, wrap the tissues around them completely, fold the corners inwards and seal the corners with tape – you are good to go! Now, place them in the containers as they are fit to transport.

Method #2:

You may also use bubble wrap for the purpose. Lay a large piece of bubble wrap flat on an even surface, and place the flat items in the middle of the wraps with their faces downwards. Cover the items with the wrap completely and fasten all the corners with scotch tape. Do the same with the cups and bowls. The only difference is that you will have to cover them from the inside first and then from the outside. For the handles, use a six inch strip of a bubble wrap and roll it around the handle, securing it with tape on the end.

Method #3:

You will have to find a box that can accommodate the glassware and china while keeping the items close-fitting. You don’t want extra space left between items or to pack too many fragile items in one box. Small boxes won’t be able to accommodate the glassware, whereas a bigger box can make your china slide on both sides and will pose a higher tendency for them to crack. Place each plate one on another with their faces upwards with thin cushioning between them and then thick cushioning around the stack of plates.Plates are heavy, so don’t stack too many in each box. For bowls and cups, place one stack of bowls in a close-fitting box, then use peanuts or packing paper to form a layer. . Some of your boxes will be heavy and you will have to fasten the box with heavy duty tape.

Regardless of the packing method you choose, definitely remember to mark the boxes as “Very Fragile” in large letters using permanent ink.

Below are some helpful tips when dealing with fine china:

  1. Whenever you make a stack, the stack of plates shouldn’t contain more than four plates, while the stack of bowls shouldn’t contain more than 3.
  2. Glasses and mugs need to be packed separately.
  3. Pay attention to the stem of wineglasses as well – cover them with a folded sheet of packing paper and then cushion the entire glass from top-to-bottom.
  4. Crumbled paper works very well.

These are fragile items and can also hurt you once they break. Handle them with care.

Last, with all the precautions taken and safe packing, opt for reliable residential movers to make sure that your glassware and china is transported without being shattered. We know that you will be in a rush to move and settle things, but you should not hire any local residential moving company nearby without a proper check. What would be the point of paying and hiring residential movers if you later open boxes with broken glassware and china? Home packers and movers should be reliable in terms of services and insured. You should also read reviews on respected sources like Google, Yelp and Angie’s List.

Choosing the Right DFW Moving Container Company

Choosing the Right DFW Moving Container CompanyWant to get bulky stuff moved across the city, the state or the country? Looking for a local relocation service for assistance? How are you going to decide which one is worth a try? You may find a number of home moving companies and you will have to decide the best among them. We can help in your search. Below are the parameters you can use to judge home packers and movers to help ensure a job well done.

  1. Residential moving companies nearby should top your list. You should always consider hiring a local mover. In this way, you will be working with a company familiar with the area. You will also know that the residential moving company has an actual office to help avoid fraud. There are many fraudulent moving companies that will appear genuine and authentic on the Internet. These companies can trick you in to paying them in advance. Alas, your money will be gone without any services received. You should also visit the local office for complete assurance.
  2. Price should not be the only consideration, but you need to monitor it. Always get a quote from at least three service providers. Do not automatically opt for the one that provides an extremely low quote and do not cross out any service providers who provide a higher quote. You should not lean toward any service provider that offers services cheaply. The way in which you should judge any of the residential movers is by VALUE JUDGEMENT. The quality, the type of services provided and the price charged should be compared and then the decision should be based on the value derived from each service provider.
  3. Always verify the credentials that they are claiming! Most residential movers claim that they possess certain credentials issued by the Department of Transportation. You may find them on their websites or they may also mention it over the phone. However, you should be wary of all such claims. If the local relocation service is licensed, then they should have a DOT number on the website. The movers should also have a carrier number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This gives an instant authentication signal and any company who doesn’t possess these cannot be trusted in any way.
  4. Do they require large deposits? A big NO! None of the residential movers should require you to pay more than 20% of the quote upfront. Most should not require any payment at all. There are moving companies who will hold your belongings hostage in exchange for more money. You should always check for such a record. Performing a search for the company on the Better Business Bureau’s website is easy and highly recommended.
  5. Always trust word of mouth. You should always check for reviews and for complaints. Get in touch with your neighbors to obtain honest reviews for the companies you are shortlisting. Prior experiences can provide fair reasoning for whether you should opt for the specific service providers or not. Also, check to see if any complaints against them have been reviewed by the Better Business Bureau or not. You can check their reviews on the website of Department of Transportation as well.

When you opt for hiring professional residential movers, please keep these considerations in mind to ensure that all your goods are transported safely and to your satisfaction.

The Pros and Cons of Packing Your Own Belongings vs. Hiring Professionals

The Pros and Cons of Packing Your Own Belongings vs. Hiring ProfessionalsMoving can be a stressful, time-consuming experience that forces you to say goodbye to your old neighborhood and home, start a new life in an unfamiliar area, while handling the process of relocation. Considering everything, the most dreaded component is packing. Seemingly impossible to tackle given the breadth of items to move, packing is often put off until the very last minute. This forces people to frantically start throwing things in boxes.

A good way to go about packing is to hire and contact a residential moving company. But, this option also has cons. So, what should you do? Should you consult a home mover closeby? We have gathered the pros and cons of packing your own belongings vs. hiring professionals, so that you can choose wisely.

Pros of Hiring a Packing Service

1- It’s quick. If you have a substantial home with numerous rooms full of belongings, heavy furniture to dismantle and wrap, and constrained time to achieve it, hiring professional movers to help pack could be a lifeline. What may take you weeks to finish, professional packers can complete in only a couple of hours to several days.

2- Your items will be packed properly.

3- Your items are less likely to be damaged.

B- Cons of Hiring a Packing Service

Increased cost.

1- Obviously, any extra administration comes with extra expenses. Costs can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, contingent upon the volume of effects that require packing and the time it takes to pack them. Some moving companies will charge youby the hour and some will provide a fixed cost. You may likewise be charged additional for packing materials, or they could be incorporated into the rate. Make sure to approach any moving companies nearby and request a clear agreement so you know what is included and have a guaranteed cost that won’t escalate.

2- Lack of control. While local movers can pack while you’re at your move location, it’s difficult to exercise quality control as they’re typically packing multiple boxes at once in difference areas.

C- Pros of Packing Yourself

1- Lower costs.

The greatest benefit of packing on your own is the diminished cost. This might be critical considering that many are on a financial plan in the wake of acquiring a new home ormoving offices. Your packing materials are also typically cheaper when packing yourself as there is no mark up.

2- You have more control. You can ensure that sensitive and fragile items are packed carefully and that those boxes are clearly marked as fragile.

3- You are less susceptible to theft. By taking packing into your own hands, you can decrease the number of unknown people in your home and keep them from seeing valuable items as they’re being packed.

D- Cons of Packing Yourself

1- It’s time-consuming. The process of moving includes a variety of tasks and planning–including preparing your new home, changing your address, hooking up utilities, preparing children and pets for the move, and making travel arrangements. Packing is a tedious burden for those of us that already have busy, jam-packed schedules. If you can’t find adequate time to pack, the process could take you months–or you could even be forced to take time off from work to complete the chore.

2- You may not pack items correctly.

3- Furniture disassembly can be difficult.

4- Boxes and furniture are heavy and you can risk hurting yourself.

The Bottom Line

The choice to pay for packing services will depend on your preferences, your move, and your needs. If you have very little time and the extra cash, hiring packers will be a lifesaver. If you have a tight budget, very few belongings, and are not that strapped for time, hiring professional packers would probably be unnecessary.

If you have trouble deciding whether convenience or money is more important to you, you could also hire packers for a “partial pack”–where you pay them to pack or wrap only certain items that are especially fragile, oddly-shaped orespecially heavy. Some examples of these items include furniture, china, glassware, electronics, paintings and mirrors. This will allow you to save a bit of money without compromising the safety of your most valuable or breakable belongings.

7 Tips for Loading Your Moving Container

7 Tips for Loading Your Moving ContainerThere can be a list of reasons for downsizing your home. You can’t afford to live in your current home, or you are signaling to your children that it’s time to find a place for themselves, etc. Whatever the reason, there are a myriad of items that you would not need after you have relocated to a smaller abode. Before you turn towards a local relocation company close by, make sure you have taken a few measures on your own that will mitigate any troubles down the line.

Tip # 1: Eliminate Duplicate Articles

You will be able to cut down on your duplicate articles by making a complete list of things you own. Check that list for any multiples and decide to eliminate duplicate items. Most kitchenware is often duplicated, then gets lost, and you just buy a new one. Then, they reappear. Try to decide on the usability of various utensils.

Tip # 2: Sell things you don’t need

Examine the list of things you own and separate out the items you don’t use or need anymore. From that list, you should research their market value. After having found that they all could be sold for the applicable price, you should then proceed to sell them. There are several online platforms through which you can showcase the items that you intend to sell. Or, you could approach your family and friends to ask whether they are willing to buy from you.

Tip # 3: One-Year Use-List

Make a list of things you haven’t used in a year. They could be appliances, exercise machines, clothing, etc. Ask yourself whether you would be using them in the current year. No need to delude yourself into thinking that you need certain things when you are clearly not going to use them in the near future. Prepare the final list and then either throw them away or donate them.

Tip # 4: Take Measurements

Take every possible measurement of the home you are moving into. You should make sure that you get the width of the doorway. You want to make sure that everything you are taking there fits perfectly. Consult with your local relocation service to get an idea of whether it is possible to get the furniture or other sizable items through the door.

Tip # 5: Make Digital Backups

These days, everything is being stored in the cloud. You don’t have to carry physical clutter when you can access your documents, pictures, and videos on the cloud whenever and wherever you want. And, it’s less of a hassle when you are on the move.

Tip # 6: Cut down your clothing

Contents in the wardrobe take much of the space when you are packing things for relocation. And, most times, your clothes have not been worn for ages and yet you keep them. It alleviates a lot of burden, especially when you are downsizing.

Tip # 7: Savings through getting rid of your vehicle

After you have taken care of the useless items in your house, you should now start pondering the use of your vehicle. Selling it could yield a lot of savings. Most of the money is spent on the upkeep of automobiles. And not only that, but the value of your vehicle also continues depreciating.

Whatever your needs for making a move, IMS relocation services have a tailored moving plan for wherever and whenever you need to make your move. We have experience as residential movers and will make sure that your move doesn’t become a stressful endeavor.

Why You Should Call 972 Get a SAM for Your Storage Needs

Why You Should Call 972 Get a SAM for Your Storage Needs972 Get A SAM is a locally owned storage container business in the DFW area that is interested in assisting you with your DIY storage needs.  We’re built to suit your needs so we can provide you with a service you want at a price you can afford.

We’ll bring the storage unit to you so that you can work at your own pace and eliminate your reliance on assistance that you don’t need.  You’re a hard worker and you’re looking for a storage solution that won’t break your budget.  You pack your own boxes, wrap your own furniture, and load your own container.  We’ll bring the container to you, place it where you want, and take it from you when you’re done.  If you don’t want to keep the storage container on your property, after you load it up, we’ll store your container in our warehouse.  You just need to let us know when you want your container relocated.

Want us to move your storage from one location to another?  As long as both locations are in and around Dallas or Fort Worth, we can do that for you.  You provide the labor and keep your items as protected as you want and we’ll keep your cost down.  We can provide advice on how to protect your items while they’re in storage.  If you’re not comfortable with your DIY skills, we can provide advice and perhaps offer you another solution that perfectly fits your exact need.  It doesn’t hurt to ask our professional staff because we’re here for you.

Pricing is simple and fast!  If you want to store the container on your property we’ll give you a great price on that.  If you want us to store it in our warehouse it costs just a little more.  We’ll serve you by bringing the container to you and the cost of the service depends on the distance from our Carrollton, TX building.  So all we need to know is: How many containers you need, where you would like to store your container, and when you want it.  To begin your storage project today, either fill out the “Get a Quote” form on our website or call us at 972-GET-ASAM (972-438-2726).

Self-Storage Unit vs. Portable Storage Container

There’s only so much storage space in your home, and sometimes you’ll need some extra room. Many people opt for self-storage, and while that may have its benefits, it might not necessarily be the best solution for your situation. Portable storage often provides much needed flexibility that you wouldn’t get with other storage solutions.


Self-storage units provide a consistent and (generally) secure place to store excess items. There are many options to choose from depending on your storage needs, but they have one thing in common—they are all restricted to a single location.

This means you will need to haul your belongings there yourself. If you don’t need to access your storage unit very frequently, then this can work for you, but it can quickly become inconvenient if you’re constantly driving there and back. Even if you’re not accessing the unit frequently, it may still require multiple trips to get everything into storage in the first place.

When transporting larger items, this inconvenience multiplies. The costs of transporting furniture and other sizeable belongings can add up quickly.

Portable Storage

Unlike self-storage, portable storage containers don’t require you to constantly travel back and forth to fill up the unit. Instead, the container is delivered straight to your door. There, you can fill it up at your own convenience, whether you need to store items there long-term or simply need a place for your furniture during a remodel.

For long-term storage, the container is picked up and transported to a secure storage facility, saving you the costs of transporting everything yourself. The container can also be transported to a location of your choosing, which makes it great for moving as well.

Convenience and Flexibility

If your priorities are primarily flexibility and convenience, then portable storage such as SAM Store and Move containers are ideal. All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll deliver your container to your location. Fill it at your own convenience, then call us again to haul it to our secure storage facility. If you need to access your container, simply notify us and we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive. It’s quick, easy, and flexible, so give us a call today for your SAM unit.

Rent or Buy a Storage Container

When considering their needs for onsite storage and looking at rental rates, some people start to look at buying a container. It can be difficult to decide which option to go with since there are several factors to take into account. Here, we’ll go over the perks of buying vs. those of renting portable storage.

Perks of Buying

If you buy a storage container, you’ll have it any time you need it with no rental charges. It’s a permanent asset that you own, and that does have its uses. It’s particularly useful if you know you’ll be using it frequently for a long time to come and if your uses require the freedom to do with it as you will.

In addition, it’s possible to get these containers customized, though that does come at an extra cost. Even so, it can be adapted to your specific applications, such as if you need a little extra space or if there are certain structural qualities it needs to withstand heavy usage.

Perks of Renting

With renting, you won’t own the container, but it still has numerous benefits. The main one is price—if you only need the container for a few weeks, then renting will be far less expensive than buying.

Another benefit is the fact that you don’t need to worry about storing the container when it’s not in use. When you buy, you have to figure out what to do with it when it’s not needed on site. If you’re short on space, you might face the ironic situation of paying for storage space for your container. Naturally, this doesn’t happen with a rented container.

One final perk is the fact that you don’t need to worry about transporting your container yourself if you rent it. If you need it taken to a temporary storage offsite or moved to a new location, the company will typically move it for you.

The Bottom Line and Cost-Effectiveness

In the end, it’s all about cost-effectiveness. Since owning a container could set you back several thousand dollars, purchasing one is only efficient if you know you’ll be using it consistently (as in every day) for several years.

In most cases, it will be least expensive to rent a container. For the cost-effective storage solution you need, call SAM Store and Move today.

Temporary Storage for Construction Contractors

Temporary Storage for Construction Contractors

Every construction project involves careful planning with multiple logistical challenges that need to be met. Among these is how to store materials and equipment during the course of the project. Construction contractors can benefit highly from temporary storage solutions, particularly those provided through portable containers.

A portable container, such as our SAM Store & Move containers, can be used in various ways on a construction site. We’ll go over a few of those uses here.

Secure Equipment Storage

Temporary storage containers are built to be tough, making them excellent for outdoor construction projects. As you consider where to store tools and equipment, this can be an excellent and secure method. You can keep everything locked up on site in weatherproof containers as long as you need them.

Special Building Materials

Portable temporary storage can also be a great way to store special building materials, particularly those that have been special ordered. Usually, you’ll place your order to your provider who will fulfill it and store it at their own location until you need it, often at a cost to you. There is often no way of knowing how secure their warehouse facilities are, so it’s usually in your best interest to store these materials yourself.

Onsite storage is a great way to handle these materials since you can have them delivered right away rather than paying for them to be kept at an unsecure location.

Flexible Onsite Access

The main perk to using this type of temporary storage is its flexibility. The container is delivered to your location, and you can keep it there for the duration of your project. While it’s there, so is all the equipment and materials you’re using to store it, meaning you don’t have to spend time waiting for the delivery of special materials or traveling to offsite storage warehouses. By the same token, equipment isn’t left out in the open on site either.

The process of using these containers is simple, and they are sturdy and secure enough for use on construction sites. To get your temporary storage container delivered to your location, call SAM Store & Move today.

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