Portable Storage Solutions: Expectations vs. Reality

Portable Storage Solutions - Expectations vs. RealityExpectations? They don’t always line up with reality. This is especially true when expectations aren’t realistic. For example, you can’t really expect a local baker to exactly replicate the cake you saw on a television baking show that features professional food artists, state-of-the-art cameras and high-quality lighting. Do you have similar expectations for moving and storage?

Portable storage containers don’t just magically appear and disappear, contrary to popular belief. But they are so easy it may seem that way. You get to choose when they’re delivered, where they’re delivered and how you want to pack them up. Let’s explore other expectations and realities.

Expectation: All Storage Containers Are The Same

Reality: All storage containers aren’t owned by the same company, so there are going to be differences between different containers. While all are usually delivered to your location, many don’t feature smooth interior walls, translucent roofs or tie-down rings. Check out a portable storage container comparison chart for more details.

Expectation: I’m In Every Storage Company’s Service Area

Reality: With today’s modern technology, you might think you get service regardless of where you’re located. In reality, portable storage companies have designated service areas, so it’s important to confirm you’re located in one before making any assumptions. The good news is that these areas can be quite large. The service area for SAM (Store & Move), for example, goes from Benbrook to Mesquite and from Denton to Waxahachie.

Expectation: I Can Fit All My Belongings In One Container

Reality: Portable storage containers have certain dimensions and can only hold a limited amount of stuff. Fortunately, there are online storage calculators where you can determine how many specific items a storage container will hold and how many storage containers you will need for your move. That way, you can also determine whether you should store everything, or take this opportunity to sell, donate or throw away certain items you no longer want or need.

Expectation: Containers Magically Appear and Disappear

Reality: Well, this isn’t technically true. But it is so easy that it may seem like they do. Whenever you’re done loading or unloading your SAM, you simply place a phone call to the company and they’ll pick it up. You don’t even have to be there, which is why it may seem like magic sometimes.

Want to try out a portable storage container for yourself? Give the SAM (Store & Move) team a call today at 972-438-2726 or request a free quote online.

Answers to 6 Common Questions About Commercial Storage Containers

Answers to 6 Common Questions About Commercial Storage ContainersWe’d like to think that we stop having so many questions once we’re out of the adolescent stage, but that’s not really true. Life is full of questions, which is why we watch quiz shows on television, participate in trivia board games and are always wondering what happened to the second sock on laundry days.

Commercial storage is one of these topics where people have questions. What do you put underneath storage containers, for example? Can you buy the container? We answer these two questions about commercial storage containers, along with four others.

Question: What Do You Put Underneath Storage Containers?

Answer: Usually made from sturdy materials — SAM (Store & Move) commercial storage containers are framed with galvanized steel, for example — storage containers need no special material or foundation underneath them. They do need ground that is flat, however. Rugged terrain and unlevel concrete are not the best places to put storage containers, as items in them won’t be as secure and are at risk for shifting.

Question: Can You Buy the Storage Container?

Answer: Most storage containers are for rent only, but there are always exceptions. Contact the commercial storage container company for more information on their selling policy.

Question: Are The Containers Climate Controlled?

Answer: It depends on where you’re storing them. If you’re having the storage container delivered to your commercial facility outside, it’s likely not going to be climate controlled. If you choose to store it in a warehouse, on the other hand, it may be climate controlled. SAM ‘s 66,000-square foot warehouse has climate-controlled storage available and is monitored by a 24-hour alarm system and contains sprinklers.

Question: Is There a Minimum Rental Period?

Answer: This also depends on the company that rents the storage container, but SAM (Store & Move) offers storage by month with no minimum.

Question: Do You Rent to Contractors?

Answer: Yes, commercial storage containers can be delivered to job sites as you are completing work. Once you’ve filled it up with materials and tools, just give the company a call and they’ll pick it up and deliver it to your next work location. These containers make moving or storing construction materials and equipment a breeze!

Question: How Much Are Estimates?

Answer: Free! Simply give the company renting out the commercial storage container a call or request a free estimate online by filling out a quote form.

If you have any other questions about commercial storage containers, give SAM (Store & Move) a call today at 972-438-2726.

Do You Need a Permit for Dallas Storage Pods?

Do You Need a Permit for Dallas Storage Pods_It’s easy to overlook the details when it comes to moving and storage. After all, you’re likely excited about your destination and mainly thinking about your belongings, your family and what you’re going to do once you get there. If you plan on using a portable storage container during your Dallas move, however, one thing you need to keep in mind is permits.

Specifically, if you use a moving storage container in Dallas, do you need a parking permit? How do you get one? What is the cost? We answer all of these questions in this post.

Do You Need a Permit for Dallas Storage Pods?

For starters, do you even need a permit for a storage container in Dallas? It depends largely on where you plan to put it. If it’s at an apartment complex, on the street, in a residential area with an HOA or intersects a public sidewalk (even on a private driveway), you likely need a parking permit. Regulations differ by location, so be sure to contact the Dallas Parking Enforcement and Management office to make sure you don’t need city permission. Even if you don’t, you may need permission from your HOA or whoever owns the land you’re placing your storage pod on.

How Do You Get a Permit for Dallas Storage Pods?

Unfortunately, to get a Dallas storage pod parking permit, you have to apply for it — which requires paperwork. The good news is that you can do this in person, by phone and sometimes even online. Make sure you plan for this at least weeks in advance, however, as you need to get the permit approved and may need to put up signs warning your neighbors about your need for the space where you’re storing the container. (If you don’t do signs, we recommend at least warning your neighbors as a courtesy.) Also, make sure you think about both your original location and your future destination.

What Is the Cost for Dallas Storage Pod Permits?

Prices for permits vary. The cost for your destination will depend on where it is. As for Dallas, there are usually small fees associated with permits, though they can be as low as $6 (for residential parking permit hang tags, for example). Again, it depends on where you plan on putting your storage container. You’ll likely find out the exact cost for your storage pod permit when you call the Dallas Parking Enforcement and Management office to see if you need a permit in the first place. If you’re storing somewhere on private property (such as your home’s land), you might not have to pay anything at all.

If you’re interested in renting a Dallas storage pod or have any other questions about our containers, give us a call at 972-438-2726 today.

13 Things About Moving Containers You May Not Have Known

13 Things About Moving Containers You May Not Have KnownPortable storage containers are becoming more and more popular these days as people enjoy the flexibility and convenience they provide. But how much do you really know about them?

Did you know, for example, that you can fit 62 armchairs in one storage container? Or that some containers have a translucent roof that allows light in? Here are 13 little-known facts about moving containers that you might find interesting:

  1. They’re delivered to your location – While a basic benefit of moving containers, people may not know that they can be delivered to the location of your choice, as long as you’re in a company’s designated service area.
  2. You can use them for more than just moving – Whether you’re decluttering or staging your home, moving containers can be extremely useful for a variety of situations other than relocating.
  3. Their smooth interior protects your belongings – Why would a smooth interior matter? Because any part of the interior that isn’t smooth puts your belongings at risk for scratches, dings, dents and other forms of damage.
  4. Some have translucent roofs – Portable storage containers like SAM (Storage & Move) have a translucent roof. Why? Because it allows light in, making it easy to see when inside and loading or unloading your container.
  5. Not all moving containers are created equal – The features you’ll get with a moving container vary by brand. That’s why it’s important to look at a moving container comparison chart before making your decision.
  6. Having them picked up is easy – Once you’re done loading or unloading your moving container, having it picked up is as easy as making a call. The best companies won’t use call centers, either, so you’ll be talking to a live person.
  7. They feature galvanized steel framing – This sturdy material is resistant to rust and is the same material used is modern buildings, so you know it’s strong. SAMs are constructed with galvanized steel and other state-of-the-art materials.
  8. You can fit 62 armchairs in one container – Or 51 rocking chairs. Or 62 small desks. Or 310 ironing boards. Or a combination of other items. Check out the online storage calculator to see how many items will fit in one or more containers.
  9. Your items are potentially protected from fire and theft – If you choose to store your container in SAM’s concrete storage facility, your items will benefit from a fully functioning sprinkler system and 24-hour alarm system.
  10. They have an excellent track record – One look at all the reviews for moving containers and you’ll see why they’re becoming so popular these days. Be sure to read them to learn more about individual experiences.
  11. You don’t have to be there for delivery – To add more convenience, moving containers can be delivered without your presence! Simply call and let the company know where you’d like them.
  12. You can load or unload at your own pace – One of the other main benefits of moving containers is that you can take as much time as you need to unload or load your belongings.
  13. You can get free quotes – That’s right, you can easily submit a quote online for a free estimate on what moving containers would cost you.

If you’re interested in renting a SAM (Storage & Move) for your next Dallas-Fort Worth move, request a quote by calling us at 972-438-2726 today!

Storage Container Comparison: SAM vs. PODS® vs. Pack Rat® vs. U-Pack®

Storage Container Comparison - SAM vs. PODS vs. Pack Rat vs. U-PackPeople often say some things are like “comparing apples to oranges.” Why? It’s usually because they’re so different that it’s easy to distinguish one from the other. But what about when it comes to things that are a little more similar than these two fruits?

Take portable storage containers, for example. How do SAM (Store & Move) containers compare to the top moving storage containers out there? Let’s take a look at each of them.

SAM (Store & Move)

When it comes to portable storage containers in Dallas-Fort Worth, it doesn’t get much better than SAM. Not only are these containers delivered to your location, they feature smooth interior walls in all containers for easy loading. They also have translucent roofs for natural lighting and tie-down rings in all containers for easily securing items. Finally, SAM is locally owned and operated and there is an online space calculator where you can see how much storage each unit holds.


While PODS® are delivered to your location, they don’t include many of the features you’ll find in SAM. For example, they don’t have smooth interior walls in all containers for easy loading, nor do they have a translucent roof. There are also no tie-down rings for easily securing items and the company isn’t locally owned and operated. There is a calculator online where you can determine how much space each POD® holds, however.

Pack Rat®

Pack Rat® is similar to PODS® in that it doesn’t have many of the features found in SAM. The main difference is that Pack Rat® does not offer an online space calculator. But like PODS®, they don’t have smooth interior walls in all containers for easy loading, nor do they have a translucent roof. There are also no tie-down rings for easily securing items and the company isn’t locally owned and operated.


Finally, U-Pack® is similar to PODS® as well, in that it offers delivery to your location and an online space calculator. But they don’t have smooth interior walls in all containers for easy loading, nor do they have a translucent roof. There are also no tie-down rings for easily securing items and the company isn’t locally owned and operated.

For an easy-to-read comparison chart, click here. Want to try out SAM for yourself and see how it compares to other portable storage containers? Give us a call at 972-438-2726 for a free quote today!

Do You Need Permission for a Storage Container in Fort Worth?

Do You Need Permission for a Storage Container in Fort Worth_There are several strange laws in Texas. For example, did you know that it’s illegal to sell your eyes? Or that you can’t shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel? What about the law that says you can’t dust a building with a feather duster? While these laws are obscure and difficult to know without looking them up, there are some lesser-known laws that may affect you.

For example, do you need permission for a storage container in Fort Worth?

Depending on whether the storage container is in a residential area, near a road junction, in the street or in a parking lot, you might need permission before you rent or buy a portable storage container. Let’s take a look at a few different scenarios.

Scenario #1: In a Residential Area

Say you want to use a storage container for a residential move. Do you need permission? For starters, it depends on where you’ll be temporary storing the container. If you’re not blocking traffic, you may be able to get by without permission, but it depends on whether you have a Homeowners Association (HOA) or not. If you do, make sure you get their permission before using a storage container in a Fort Worth residential neighborhood.

Scenario #2: Near a Road Junction

When it comes to storage containers near a road junction, it’s a little trickier. You’ll likely have to contact the street department, licensing and permitting department, police department or department of temporary signs. Do some online research or contact the Fort Worth Planning & Development Department with questions about the specific road junction you may be placing your storage container near.

Scenario #3: In a Parking Lot

Parking lots seem like a logical choice for placing storage containers, as they’re spacious and flat. They can be either publicly owned or privately owned, but you need permission either way before you put a storage container on them. Be sure to get permission not only for using the parking lot, but for the length of time you plan on using it as well.

Scenario #4: On the Street or Sidewalk

If you live in the city, it’s possible that the only place to put the storage container is either on the street or in your private driveway intersected by a public sidewalk. Both of these scenarios involve public property, so you need permission or a permit from the local governing agencies. Again, a call to the Fort Worth Planning & Development Department is your best bet before renting one.

If you’re interested in renting a portable storage container or have any other questions, give us a call at 972-438-2726 today.

10 Moving and Storage Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Moving and Storage Statistics That Will Blow Your MindEverybody loves trivia. After all, that’s why television shows like Jeopardy! exist. The best thing about trivia is that there are topics related to every industry — including moving and storage.

Did you know that 35.5 million Americans move each year? And that Illinois Is the No. 1 state that people move away from? Let’s take a look at these and eight other interesting statistics related to moving and storage. They may just blow your mind!

1. 35.5 million Americans move each year.

Approximately one in every nine people living in the United States will move at some point each year. That’s a lot of moves! Many of these moves are do-it-yourself moves, but most are done with professional or rented moving equipment and transportation, as well as portable storage containers.

(Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

2. More than 600,000 of these moves feature professional movers.

While 1.4 million people just move their belongings and their cars, 1 million people rent a truck themselves and move. The rest use professional movers.

(Source: American Moving & Storage Association)

3. Renters move four times as much as owners.

If you rent an apartment, you’re more likely to move in a given year. In fact, 21.7% of renters moved in 2017, compared to 5.5% of owners.

(Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

4. You can fit 51 rocking chairs in a single portable storage container.

More and more people these days are using portable storage containers like a SAM (Store & Move). These spacious containers have lots of room and can hold 51 rocking chairs, 62 small desks, 310 ironing boards or a combination of items. Click the link below to see the possibilities!

(Source: SAM Storage Calculator)

5. Leaving for college is the 11th-most popular reason for moving.

Other reasons that people move include finding cheaper housing, to own instead of rent, because of a change in marital status or for other unspecified reasons.

(Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

6. Two out of every three moves remain in the same county.

That’s right, 62% of moves (in 2017 at least) featured people who stayed in the same county of residence. A big reason for this is likely because of renters changing apartments.

(Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

7. Four percent of all moves were from abroad.

The large majority of moves in the United State are from people who already lived here — 96%, in fact. The rest feature people moving from outside the country.

(Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

8. Illinois is the No. 1 state that people are moving away from.

People are leaving “The Prairie State” more frequently than any other, though Alaska, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, North Dakota, Connecticut, Kansas, Pennsylvania and Maryland round out the rest of the Top 10.

(Source: American Moving & Storage Association)

9. Idaho is the No. 1 state that people are moving to.

People are heading toward “The Gem State” more frequently than any other. Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, North Carolina, Vermont, Florida and Colorado round out the rest of the Top 10.

(Source: American Moving & Storage Association)

10. The Dallas-Fort Worth service area for SAM is approximately 80 miles in diameter.

From Denton to Waxahachie and from White Settlement to Mesquite, if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, chances are good you’re in the SAM service area. That’s a lot of miles!

(Source: SAM Store & Move)

What else will blow your mind? The amazing service you’ll enjoy from SAM Store and Move. Give us a call today at 972-438-2726 for a free quote!

Here’s why Portable Moving Containers are the Future of Moving.

Many people who have moved know that it can cost a sizable fortune to employ a professional moving company. It costs even more if they have to move to any other state and not within the same city. Do you know how informed people have found a way around it? They outsource this work to a reputable residential moving company nearby, who in turn uses portable portable moving containers to save costs.

Local relocation services have been increasingly using portable moving containers due to their manifold benefits. These benefits are covered below:

  1. They can be taken to places – no moving trucks are needed. This is a newer service that is being offered by home packers and movers. This is appreciated by most people as it costs them less and all they need to do is pack their belongings once. After that, it can be loaded into the containers and unloaded at your new destination.
  2. Adaptability iskey. If you are not going to move on the day you’re packed up, these residential moving containers can be used as on-site storage. Even during extreme weather conditions, when your house is hit by storms and ruthless winds – all your stuff can be secured in these portable moving containers.
  3. This type of storage is cost effective.By using portable moving containers, you only pay for the storage. You avoid paying the additional charges of renting a moving truck. This also waives off the fee that may be charged for using a rented moving truck beyond the prescribed time.
  4. Everything inside will remain protected. People have raised concerns regarding the safety of goods in residential moving containers. However, your goods have never been safer than in these portable moving solutions. These offer a tough exterior that allows nothing to harm the goods kept inside.
  5. They also come with international delivery options. It makes no sense to pay for rental trucks for international delivery options. Even if you had to get bulky goods delivered across the country and not internationally – why wouldn’t anyone try to save on costs? Home moving companies have been increasingly shifting towards portable moving containers as they provide ease of transport and can be sent across borders.
  6. They can be rented for long a time. Usually, without being charged extra fees for at least a month, you can keep the portable containers for convenience. You will not be charged extra until you exceed the LONG time span – and most people do not do so. It makes them incredibly convenient.
  7. They minimize the risk of theft. Unlike trucks that have to stay on the roads and thus have the tendency of being driven away by literally anyone, these movable containers can be locked in safe facilities and thus all your belonging are secure.

Though the price of renting any movable containers will vary from company-to-company, you should check with the home moving companies near you for a quote. With all the advantages listed above, portable moving containers genuinely have the potential of becoming the future of moving.

Benefits of a Portable Storage Container vs. a Traditional Storage Container

Benefits of a Portable Storage Container vs. a Traditional Storage ContainerIn the present market, there is a range of storage options available, all offering several types of usage for your storage requirements. If you are in the process of searching for a storage unit, consider the benefits that portable storage offers:

Benefits of a Portable Storage Container


It is one of the most significant benefits of a portable storage container. Unlike traditional storage units; portable storage containers are delivered directly to the location where items will be packed. Whether it is a home, apartment, military base, campus, construction site or another location, you will have the ability to pack your storage container right from your original destination.

Ease of Transport

With portable storage containers, your packed container is transported exactly as you packed it, then delivered to the storage site. It is easily done, and turnkey for you.

Good Protection

Portable storage containers provide the same protection that traditional units provide. Locked in a protected facility, they are under the same watchful protection that you will find with traditional storage space.

Reduced Costs 

With portable storage, you are only paying for the cost of the storage container. You avoid extra fees like renting a moving truck and potentially paying extra for renting the truck longer than originally anticipated. This is beneficial as moving often leads to extra expenses in other areas and you’ll want to do whatever possible to reduce moving costs to help offset this.


One of the greatest benefits in renting a portable storage container is the versatility it provides. If a need arises for you to place your container on-site, you can do so. This is a plus point for construction companies who might need additional space for equipment and tools while working on a project. If your home has been damaged by a storm, you’ll need storage for your belongings while repairs are made. No matter how you choose to utilize portable storage, it provides an alternative that gives you options with added versatility.


Where Should You Put Your Portable Storage Container

Most people planning a do-it-yourself move, and businesses or families looking for additional storage, are typically thinking about traditional approaches. You can rent a moving truck or a self-serve storage container, which can be costly and inconvenient, or you can move and store your stuff the smarter way in a portable storage container. The flexibility and convenience of a portable storage container can also be a big asset when faced with a sudden emergency or expansion. We have listed the most common circumstances where using a portable storage container would be the most practical and effective solution for you.
A portable storage container should be placed in the right-of-way of any road, level with the existing street grade/slope, and parallel to the curb with its outer edge no more than eight feet from the face of the curb. The container should not occupy more than the designated parking lane width along the frontage of the property. Its placement will be subject to all existing parking regulations unless specifically exempted from compliance by written approval of the Director of Public Works. Further, no portable storage container should be placed on the sidewalk area without the approval of said Director. A minimum clear way of travel for pedestrians of four feet needs to be be maintained at all times on sidewalks. In commercial areas and in other areas with a high volume of pedestrians, a minimum six-foot path of travel should be provided and maintained.

Individual Location Permit

An individual location permit may be obtained for each mobile storage container that is proposed to be placed within the public right of way. Only annual permit holders may apply for individual location permits.

  1. Said permit holders shall submit a written request to Public Works no later than three days prior to occupancy of the public right of way with a mobile storage container at a specific location with the following information :


  • Name of the annual permit holder
  • Local contact information for the permit holder
  • Proposed location of the mobile storage container(s)
  • Name and contact information for the property owner or tenant who will use the container
  • Any other information specified in the departmental order or other regulations


  1. The individual location permit fee shall be as specified in the fee schedule per day of occupancy. When the permit is to be issued for a period not to exceed 24 hours, or for the first three days of occupancy, said fee(s) may be paid separately for each individual location permit or deducted from the deposit.
  2. No individual location permit shall be issued for a period that exceeds seven days.
  3. The property owner needs to apply for a Temporary Occupancy Permit and post “No Parking” signs at least 72 hours in advance for the occupancy of the public right of way.

The director, in his or her discretion, may approve, conditionally approve or disapprove a Mobile Storage Container Permit. The director’s decision on an annual permit is appealable to the Board of Appeals.

Things you might need

  1. Dolly
  2. Boxes
  3. Tape
  4. Loading Straps
  5. Pads/Blankets

Preparing the moving container

Your furniture and household things need a wrap to protect them from dirt and debris. It might be helpful to use blankets, pads, and other moving supplies listed above to ensure your things are protected correctly in a portable storage container.

Loading the portable storage unit

The larger, heavier things should be loaded into the container first. These types of items would include couches, appliances, tables, etc. Be sure the heavier things are evenly distributed throughout the container to avoid any shifting whileen route. Pack the lighter, smaller boxes over your larger items to maximize space.

Distribution of your items in the moving container

The tighter your things and boxes are packed together, the less moving there will bewhile in transit. Try to place your heaviest items on each side of the storage container, so there is equal distribution throughout. This will encourage stability. There are points along the container’s wall to use your loading straps. Using the loading straps will ensure your items stay secure and safely attached.

Performing proper moving methods is an important tactic to make sure you have a successful transition from house-to-house. You will rest easy knowing your goods will arrive in the same situation as when you left them.




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