DFW Outdoor Storage Containers: What You Need to Know

DFW Outdoor Storage Containers - What You Need To Know #2There’s a popular meme out there with the following text: “Texas has two seasons: summer and winter. Usually they alternate days within the same week.”

As citizens know, the temperature and weather in Dallas-Fort Worth can definitely be unpredictable. So wouldn’t that make things like outdoor containers a questionable decision? Thanks to modern technology and advances in design, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Here’s what you need to know about portable outdoor containers:

They’re Weather-Resistant

Outdoor storage containers are built tough. They have a weather-resistant exterior designed to help items better withstand temperature changes and harsh environments. With a galvanized steel framing and state-of-the-art construction, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and secure in one of these containers. For proof, just look at the fact that construction workers and other professions trust outdoor storage containers to hold expensive equipment and materials on their job sites.

They’re Spacious

Many Dallas residents are surprised when they learn about how much an outdoor storage container can hold. At 972-GET-A-SAM, every container is approximately 16′ long, 8′ wide and 8′ high. That means each container can hold the contents of a typical 1,500-square-foot home! To see exactly how much space each container has—and to calculate whether your items will fit in one, or if it will take multiple—use this handy storage calculator.

They’re Mobile

Part of the reason portable storage containers are so popular is because of the flexibility they provide. A simple phone call is all you need to have them delivered or picked up, and you can keep them at the location of your choice for as long as you need. If you need to store the container for a long period of time, the container can be kept in an indoor facility that is protected with safety and security equipment.

They’re Smartly Designed

Finally, there are numerous additional  features these outdoor containers offer that most DFW residents aren’t aware of. Each of these make moving or storing day that much easier. These features include:

  • Smooth interior walls designed to protect belongings from dings and scratches
  • 16 mounted tie-down rings in each container to keep your items from moving or shifting
  • Translucent roofs that allow light in and make it easy to see when loading/unloading
  • Easy-to-use roll-up doors that allow two locks to be used

If you’re in need of an outdoor storage container in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact the team at 972-GET-A-SAM today.

3 Professions That Can Benefit from On-Site Storage

3 Professions That Can Benefit from On-Site StorageWhat do roofers, plumbers and contractors have in common? Yes, they all tend to work in other people’s homes (or businesses). But they also all have lots of equipment and are constantly on the move. We’re going to focus on the latter two facts today.

Specifically, we’re going to talk about how each of these professions can benefit from on-site storage. Let’s get to it.

  1. Contractors

Construction projects involve a lot of logistical challenges that need to be met, among them how to store materials and equipment needed for the project. Many contractors store these out in the open, usually on the lawn. But this leaves them open to weather-related damage and, let’s be honest, looks messy.

With temporary on-site storage containers, however, you’ll enjoy a convenient place to store all your contracting tools and equipment. The exteriors of these spacious containers are tough and designed to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. Plus, they can be locked up each night to keep your equipment and materials safe and secure.

  1. Roofers

Large roofing projects can take days, but you never know what weather Mother Nature is going to throw your way. Rain and roofs aren’t a good mix, so you might have to stop in the middle of a job. It’s not safe to keep supplies on the roof, either. 

You can solve all of these problems with temporary on-site storage containers.

Since these containers are delivered to the location of your choice, you can keep them there for the duration of your project. All your work-related items are right there at the roofing site, meaning you don’t have to go out for another run of equipment or materials. Then, once you’re done, you can have the container delivered to the next house or business for the next roof you’re working on.

  1. Plumbers

The thing about plumbing work is that you never know what tool you’ll need for the job. From pipe and tube cutters, benders and threaders to wrenches, water meter keys, pipe-fitting tools and drain cleaning supplies, there is a wide variety of potential items you might need. 

With on-site storage, you can have your entire arsenal of supplies delivered to any household location with a simple call. By having things like drain openers, pipes, fittings, valves, faucets and other materials ready to go, it will save you time that would otherwise be spent traveling and buying materials. That means you can service more customers. (Still not sure? You can use a storage calculator to verify that it will hold enough equipment and supplies to make sense for your business.)

Of course, these are just a few professions that could benefit from on-site storage. There are quite a few others, like home designers, realtors and television crews. If you’re interested in on-site storage for your business, contact the team at 972-GET-A-SAM today for a quote today.

5 Reasons to Use Portable Storage Containers In the Fall

5 Reasons to Use Portable Storage Containers In the FallPumpkin spice. Falling leaves. Large meals with family. The fall conjures up many inviting images and feelings. But did you know that autumn is also a great time to start using a portable storage container?

From needing a place to store gardening tools to not using pool supplies anymore, there are several reasons why people use storage containers during the fall months. Let’s take a look at five of them.

  1. Summer Clothing

It’s officially time to start thinking about storing those swim shorts, bikinis, tank tops and other warm-weather gear. You’re going to need extra space for coats, sweaters, long-sleeve shirts and other comfortable clothes needed during cold weather. Fortunately, this isn’t a huge task with a portable storage container. Simply have one delivered to your location, load it up with summer clothes and call to have it picked up once you’re done.

  1. Gardening Tools

The time for yard work is also thankfully coming to a close. That means you can put away gardening tools like mowers, trimmers, shovels and shears and replace them with rakes or blowers instead. You’re not going to need many of these tools until spring, so it only makes sense to free up some space (and keep your tools protected) while you’re not using them.

  1. Outdoor Furniture

Fall is a great time to sit outside with a cup of coffee as you watch the leaves turn or read a good book. But temperatures are going to drop quickly and you’re not going to want to even think about sitting on your porch for very long once comfortable turns to cold. More importantly, though, you want to keep your outdoor furniture protected from weather-related damage. Storing this furniture in a storage container will keep it safe and secure.

  1. Pool Supplies

With summer in the rear-view mirror, so is your pool and beach time. We already covered the need to store your swim clothes, but there are other supplies like floats, lounges, goggles and toys that you have to store somewhere until warm weather rolls around again.

  1. Other Household Items

Finally, there are other unique household items that you likely only use during the summer months. For example, you might not use a portable fan as much (or at all) during fall or winter. There also might be clutter your college student left behind when they went to school. Or, there are items related to special events (e.g. Fourth of July) that you don’t want taking up space. A portable storage container in the fall is a great solution for all of these.

If you’re interested in using a portable storage container this fall (or any other season), contact us today for a free quote.

3 Solutions for Storing Halloween Decorations

3 Solutions for Storing Halloween DecorationsWe’re not sure which is scarier: all the costumes you see on Halloween night or the cleanup afterwards. (Not just candy wrappers, either.) Have you thought about where you’re going to store that gigantic ghost statue? What about those 24 fake headstones? And all that spiderweb? 

Here are a few solutions for you to consider when it comes to storing Halloween decorations and costumes.

  1. In the Attic

This is where many people store their holiday decor and seasonal items. This might not be the best idea for these particular items, however, as the temperature in the attic can fluctuate greatly. That means you shouldn’t store costume makeup or anything sensitive to heat or cold. 

Speaking of temperature, it’s a wise idea to store your Halloween decorations and costumes in plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. These items are going to be in storage for a long time and storing in plastic will keep out pests like insects better than a cardboard box would. Better yet, choose an orange color for the container so you’ll be able to easily identify it as “the Halloween box.”

  1. In A Closet, Storage Area or Shed

If your home doesn’t have an attic, that might not be an option. In this case, many people choose a closet, storage area under the stairs or an outside shed. Temperature control is easier for this route (for the closet or storage area inside the home, at least), so protecting your decorations and costumes will be easier as well.

Space inside the home is limited. So any Halloween decor you store in a closet, storage area or shed means less space for other household essentials or decorations. If you do store Halloween decorations in a room inside the home, make sure to clean it beforehand—especially if the decor was outside in the yard/dirt for an extended period of time.

  1. Storage Container

Want to keep holiday decor like Halloween costumes outside of your home completely? A storage container may be the best option for you. Not only does this give you some much-needed space, it’s convenient as well. With a portable storage container, you can call the company to have it delivered, load it up at your convenience and then call them to pick it up once you’re done. 

Not sure how much space you’ll need? There are storage calculators where you can easily determine how much holiday decor they’ll hold. Storage containers these days can hold a lot more than you might think, so consider one before throwing away decorations or costumes you’ll need again next year.

If you’re in need of a storage solution for Halloween decorations (or general household or business items), contact the team at 972-GET-A-SAM today.

The Big Commercial Storage Question: Storage Facility or On-Site?

The Big Commercial Storage Question - Units or ContainersHumans have been attempting to control the climate since our early days when we discovered that fanning ourselves would cool the sweat on our skin and lower our body temperature. According to Slate, the Romans took this a step further with their aqueduct system built into the walls of homes. Finally, in 1902, the first modern air conditioning system was invented.

Today, we still enjoy climate control, whether it’s for our own personal comfort or our belongings. Commercial business owners especially care about the latter, however, which is why deciding on whether to store a storage container in a storage facility or on-site during a move, remodel or expansion is such a big decision. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each option and help you decide which is right for you.

Benefits to Storing Your Container at a Storage Facility

Certain office and business items (important documents, fine art, etc.) require climate control, which is why a commercial storage facility is worth the investment. Here are some reasons why storage facilities make sense for commercial businesses:

  • Containers are stored in a permanent concrete-and-steel facility
  • Containers are monitored by a 24-hour alarm system
  • Containers are protected by a fire sprinkler system
  • Storage by the month is available with only a one-month minimum

Benefits of Storing Your Container On Site

Of course, some businesses may need a little more flexibility for moves or storage. In that case, a portable commercial storage container might be the best option. Here are some of the advantages of storage containers for commercial businesses:

  • They’re easily transported to the location of your choice
  • They can remain on location while they’re being unpacked or accessed
  • They protect items from the weather and theft
  • Many have smooth interiors and features like tie-downs, translucent roofs and more

Choosing the Right One

So, the big commercial storage question is this: is storing the container on-site or at a storage facility right for you? The answer depends largely on the items you’re wanting to store and the length of time you need to store them. At SAM (Store & Move), you can rent a commercial moving container and use it on-site during your remodeling, relocation or expansion. Or, you can move the container to our 66,000 sq. ft., climate-controlled storage facility for longer-term storage. The choice is up to you.

If you’re in need of commercial storage, contact SAM (Store & Move) today for a free quote.

Why DFW Residents Own So Much Stuff (and What To Do About It)

Why DFW Residents Own So Much Stuff (and What To Do About It)In college, it seems like we’re trying to accumulate items to fill our living space. We need a bed, of course, as well as a TV stand, nightstand and maybe a desk to do homework. Next, we purchase a mini fridge with a lock so our roommates won’t steal our food. The list goes on — we keep adding new items until we eventually have enough belongings to be comfortable.

Fast-forward 10 years and it seems like most of us are trying to do the opposite. We have too much stuff! This is especially true for Dallas-Fort Worth residents. Let’s take a look at how this happens, as well as your options for downsizing or storing items.

Reasons We Accumulate Stuff

It may seem like we wake up one day and we have too many items, but it didn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process that happens over time. Here are some common reasons people in Dallas-Fort Worth accumulate so much stuff:

  • We get persuaded by commercials we see on TV.
  • We buy items on impulse at the store.
  • We receive too many gifts from friends and family.
  • We have passions for certain hobbies or collectibles.
  • We have a hard time getting rid of items from our childhood.
  • We get into relationships with other people who also have stuff.
  • We see a deal that’s too good to pass up.

These are just a few reasons among many. The good news? It’s not too late to do something about it.

Solutions for Downsizing and Decluttering

Shows like Hoarders and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo are popular for a reason. People like to be organized and clean, and these shows inspire us. So, what do you do if your number of belongings is getting out of control? There are three basic options you have when it comes to downsizing the number of items in your home:

  • Sell them: With this option, you can get some extra cash while removing unneeded items. Win-win. Just don’t become too fixated on “making a profit” or you’ll hold on to things that you don’t really need.
  • Donate them: There are people in need out there who can likely use many of your items, even if they aren’t in perfect shape. Consider donating items to a company like Goodwill or Salvation Army. You’ll even get a tax benefit!
  • Store them: While not a long-term solution for downsizing, storing your items can help you breathe a little and give you room to process your next steps. A portable storage container can go a long way toward helping you declutter your home. 

If you’re in need of a storage solution in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact SAM (Store & Move) today for a free quote.

8 Tips for Organizing Your Commercial Storage Container

8 Tips for Organizing Your Commercial Storage ContainerChaos. It’s a critical part of Greek mythology. It’s a 2005 action film starring Jason Statham. It’s the constant state of a house in which one or more toddlers reside. In general, it’s a condition of disorder and confusion.

The last thing you need during a commercial move is chaos. Packing your commercial storage container incorrectly can cause it. Here are some ways to ensure your commercial storage container is organized properly for easy access.

  1. Get the right number of containers.

The last thing you want is realizing your need for an additional container halfway through the process. Instead of dealing with the hassle of contacting the company and coordinating another container deliver, make sure you get the right number of containers in the beginning. Fortunately, there are storage calculators online where you can input your items and see the exact number of containers you’ll need for your move.

  1. Create an inventory.

Commercial businesses are used to taking inventory, so this one should be easy. Make a master list of all your items, make a list of which boxes have which items and assign a number to each box that you also track on your list. You don’t have to do it on paper, either — a digital inventory works just fine.

  1. Choose the right boxes.

Pack heavier items in smaller boxes and large/light items in bigger boxes. Also, be sure breakable items go in smaller boxes and low-density items go in larger boxes. Ask your moving specialist if you have any questions about choosing the right boxes.

  1. Label those boxes

Mark boxes with the numbers you assigned during your inventory, as well as what’s in the box and what room it goes in. You might also want to mark the boxes you’ll be placing toward the front, which we’ll cover below. The more details, the better!

  1. Plan your layout ahead of time.

By planning a layout for the storage container ahead of time, you’ll be more organized and can make the most of the space. Measure twice, cut once.

  1. Document your layout.

Don’t just plan the layout in your mind, either. Put it down on paper so you can reference it during packing. Even better, make multiple copies of the layout and hang at least one of them up inside the container where you (and others) can see it.

  1. Keep needed items toward the front.

If you don’t unpack all of the storage container in one day, make sure you have access to items needed most. That means avoiding packing things like important office documents in the back. If you marked the boxes you’ll need most (like we mentioned above), you’ll be set.

  1. Be smart about stacking.

Finally, put some thought into how you actually stack boxes. Don’t just start stacking and hope for the best. Put heavier boxes toward the bottom, stack from back to front in order of need and consider using a “brick-style” pattern where boxes are overlapped for superior reinforcement.

That’s it! If you’re in need of a commercial storage container, contact SAM (Store & Move) today for a free quote today.

Movable Storage = Manageable Storage

Movable Storage = Manageable Storage (1)It’s no secret that moving is stressful. But is it the most stressful thing we do? According to research from British energy company E.ON, moving homes is the most stressful life event for the majority of people (62%), beating out life events like divorce and starting a new job. Why are so many of us stressed out during moves? One factor might be the pressure to do it quickly.

Fortunately, there’s a way to add more time and flexibility to your next move: movable storage. With movable storage, you can both pack and unpack your belongings in the location (and on the timeline) that works for you. Read on to discover why movable storage makes your move more manageable.

Benefits of Movable Storage

Many people aren’t even aware of movable storage as an option for residential moves. Or, they might think it’s too costly or difficult. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Moving storage containers are comparable in cost to other moving solutions and are as easy as picking up the phone and dialing a number. Here are some ways movable storage makes your move more manageable:

  • You choose when and where you want the movable storage container
  • Container features include tie-down rings, smooth interiors and a translucent roof
  • You can calculate the storage you’ll need ahead of time
  • Pack and unpack on your timetable — no rush!
  • You have peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected from the elements and theft

Whether you need storage long-term or for a short period of time, movable storage can make your life a little easier. 

Other Ways to Make Moving Day Easier

In addition to movable storage, there are other ways to make moving day a little more manageable. By taking care of how you’ll transport (and where you’ll store) your belongings, you’ll free your mind up to think about things that many people forget. Here are just a few things you can do to avoid unexpectedly stressful surprises on your moving day:

  • Get utilities set up at your new home ahead of time
  • Redirect your mail and change your address
  • Save furniture assembly instructions
  • Take pictures of utility readings and electrical hookups
  • Hire a moving company to handle packing and unpacking heavy boxes

At the end of the day, movable storage is manageable storage. To get a quote on moving containers from SAM (Store & Move), contact us to request a quote today.

Why You Should Consider Temporary Storage for Your Summer Move

Why You Should Consider Temporary Storage for Your Summer MoveSummer is the busiest time for moves. (The months of June, July, August and September alone account for 48.4 percent of them each year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.) As such, many moving companies may try to rush you so that they can complete as many moves as possible during busy season. With temporary storage solutions like portable storage containers, however, you can move on your timetable — as well as enjoy several other benefits.

Here are some reasons why you should consider temporary storage for your summer move:

  1. They’re convenient.

The best part about temporary storage containers is that they come to you. One call to 972-GET-A-SAM and they’ll drop it off at the location of your choosing. 

  1. They give you flexibility.

As mentioned above, temporary storage containers allow you to move on your timeline. Whether you need short or long-term storage, the length of time you choose to use a residential moving container for your personal household items is up to you.

  1. They’re extremely spacious.

Did you know that a storage container can typically hold the contents of a 1,500 sq. ft. home? These containers are packed with features and can hold more than you might think. Check out this storage calculator to determine how many storage containers you’ll need for your move.

  1. They’re safe and secure.

At 972-GET-A-SAM, your belongings will be protected from the outdoor elements inside of our steel and concrete storage facility. A fully functioning sprinkler system protects your items from fire and our facility’s 24-hour-a-day alarm system prevents theft.

  1. They’re accessible.

The best temporary storage companies offer easy access to your portable self-storage unit when you need it. Simply give them a call to let them know you are on the way and they will stage your container in a safe, well-lit location so you can get into your container and remove the items you need or add items to your container.

  1. They’re affordable.

The pricing for temporary storage containers compares well to other moving and storage options. Whether you rely solely on temporary storage or use it in conjunction with moving help, it’s money well spent.

If you’re interested in using temporary storage for your summer move, contact us today for a free quote.

Storage Unit Tips: A Guide to Storing Summer Belongings

Storage Unit Tips - A Guide to Storing Summer BelongingsDon’t look now, but fall is almost here! While the need for some things is increasing — such as school books, rakes and pumpkin spice — the need for summer items like swimwear, towels and giant inflatable pool toys is doing just the opposite. Instead of cluttering up your home, basement or attic with all of these warm-weather items, have you considered storing them in a household storage container instead? 

If so, here are some tips for storing summer belongings effectively.

Tip #1: Clean Those Clothes!

Before you even think about storing those summer swimsuits, shorts and other clothing, be sure they go through the laundry first — even if they don’t look or smell that bad. Dirty clothes can deteriorate and build up bacteria over time, which could damage them while they’re in storage. Also use deodorizers to minimize the musty smell that can develop as the months go by.

Tip #2: Use Clear Containers or Labels

Make it easier to find your items when summer rolls around again by either using clear containers, or putting labels on the boxes you put them in. It’s also helpful to keep similar items together. Store all your towels in one box, your swimwear in another box and your pool toys and beach gear in another. If you have a lot of other boxes where you’re storing them, you may also want to create a quick layout map of where everything is. Organization will save you time.

Tip #3: Store In A Dry Place

Avoiding mildew and mold is especially important for summer belongings, as many summer items are often exposed to moisture. Dry out all of these items as much as possible, then store them in a dry, dark place, as light can also damage certain items (like clothing). You may even want to consider a climate-controlled storage unit for your valuable items or items that may be damaged by excess heat.

Tip #4: Use Portable Storage for Convenience

If you have a lot of summer gear (or larger items you need stored that are difficult to transport), consider renting a portable storage container. With these types of containers, you simply call to have them delivered, pack them up at your convenience and call to have them taken back to a secure, safe storage facility. Then just call again when next summer rolls around!

If you’re in need of a summer belonging storage solution this fall, contact SAM (Store & Move) today for a fast, free quote.

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