Climate-Controlled Storage or On-Site Storage?

Those familiar with Shakespeare have possibly heard of his little-known work, Sublet, in which a couple rents an apartment from a friend and decides on what to do with their belongings. It features the iconic quote, “To climate control, or not to climate control? That is the question.” It was ahead of its time, to say the least.

In all seriousness, though, deciding on how and where to store your belongings after a move is a predicament many people face. Some of your belongings are completely fine being stored in a mobile storage unit that isn’t climate controlled. But some items (like fine art) require the climate control that a permanent, long-term storage facility provides. Let’s take a look at each.

Why Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage is an option at a permanent storage facility, so it’s ideal if you’re not too concerned about your belongings being mobile or located directly at your new destination. When you choose climate-controlled storage, your items will be protected from the outdoor elements, theft and — as is the case with SAM (Store & Move), at least — inside of a steel and concrete storage facility. SAM climate-controlled storage facilities also feature a fully functioning sprinkler system protects your items from fire, as well as a 24-hour alarm system.

As for which items are ideal for climate-controlled storage, think “delicate” or “valuable.” Items like fine art, paper, antique furniture, collectibles, delicate fabrics and electronics (which could melt in the heat) should be in environments with a controlled temperature. If your items aren’t valuable or delicate, on-site storage should be just fine.

Why Choose On-Site Storage

As mentioned above, on-site storage is great for items where the temperature doesn’t matter as much. It’s also ideal for items that shouldn’t be in climate-controlled storage, such as those with moisture or those at risk for mold or mildew. Another factor to consider is that climate-controlled storage will typically be more costly than on-site storage.

Other benefits of on-site storage include the ability to store your belongings at the location of your choosing. This gives you flexibility and convenience when it comes to loading, unloading and accessing your items. Simply use a storage calculator to determine how many on-site storage containers you’ll need, call to have them delivered, pack them up, call to have them transported to your new location, unpack them and call to have the containers picked up. It’s easy!

Whether you’re interested in climate-controlled storage or on-site storage, SAM (Store & Move) can meet your needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

5 Crazy Things That Have Been Found In Real-Life Storage Containers

5 Crazy Things That Have Been Found In Real-Life Storage ContainersLife is full of surprises. Like that one time you found a $5 bill hidden in your shirt pocket. Or when your in-laws showed up for a week-long visit unannounced. Or, as we’ll cover in today’s blog post, when you find unexpected things in storage containers.

If you’ve seen any episode of Storage Wars, you know what we’re talking about. From famous cars to prized superhero comic books, there have been some interesting (and valuable) things found in storage containers. Here are five of the craziest ones we could find.

1. Animal Communities

A storage container that was lost at sea ended up storing an entire ecosystem. The container, which scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) say they lost in 2004, was recovered in 2011 and had a variety of animals living on and in the container that weren’t living on the seafloor where it was discovered.  (Source: Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)

2. Burt Reynolds Memorabilia

The well-known actor is apparently a big fan of nostalgia, as apparent by his large collection of memorabilia and artifacts from his career that he kept in a storage unit. When he defaulted on payments for the unit in 1999, a group of fans came together to purchase the unit full of badges, letters, saddles and other items and turned it into a museum. (Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

3. Rocket

In Auction Hunters, a similar show to Storage Wars, the two stars of the show encountered a rocket and NASA countdown clock inside of a storage unit during the first episode. Considering they only bought the unit for $1,500, it ended up being an out-of-this-world investment! (Source: South Florida SunSentinel)

4. Valuable Comic Book

In 2011, someone purchasing a storage unit in Southern California found a very valuable comic book: the first-ever issue of Superman. To make this story even crazier, the comic book actually belonged to actor Nicholas Cage and was stolen from his house in 2000. Cage ended up selling the comic book at an auction for $2.1 million. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

5. Famous Car

The name’s unit… storage unit. And what was found inside? None other than the automobile featured in the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me.” A couple in New York stumbled on the famous car when they purchased a unit in 1989 and decided to keep it. Crazy! (Source: Digital Trends)

What’s not crazy? The benefits you’ll enjoy from a SAM (Store & Move) container. Request a quote today to experience them for yourself.

Why Use a Portable Storage Container? Here Are 5 Reasons.

Why Use a Portable Storage Container_ Here Are 5 Reasons.Coffee. Food. Prized collections of rare spoons. When you really think about it, we use a form of portable storage for several things in life. But this doesn’t have to be exclusive to small items. After all, portable storage containers can hold the contents of a typical 1,500-square-foot-home!

Whether you want flexibility with unloading personal items while moving or you need some extra assistance during contract work, there are several reasons why portable storage containers are getting more and more popular these days. Here are five of them:

1. Moving/Relocation

This is the primary reason people use portable storage containers. They make moving or relocating your home or business easier than ever. Simply give the storage company a call — like SAM (Store & Move) — and they’ll drop off the container(s) at the location of your choice. Load the container at your convenience, give the company a call again and they’ll deliver it to the destination of your choice. These containers are designed with moving in mind and feature smooth interior walls, tie-down rings, translucent roofs and other smart features. DIY moving doesn’t get any easier than this.

2. Decluttering

Whether it’s your household or business, clutter can become a problem. A portable storage container can help you declutter easier by giving you a space to put all of the clutter while you figure out a way to organize it. This is a great time to consider whether there are any items you want to sell, donate or throw away. Either way, you can use the container as long as you like, so you can declutter your home or business on your timetable.

3. Staging

Perhaps you’re getting ready to sell your home? You don’t want to hide its features or have it appear messy with your extra belongings. This is another reason why people use portable storage containers. By cleaning up your home for staging, you’ll increase the likelihood that it will sell and potentially increase the sale price. Whether it’s your own home, a home you rent out or a home you represent as an agent, using portable storage containers for staging can pay nice dividends.

4. Contracting

Want to make your job easier? Consider portable storage containers for contractors. We can store your valuable tools and equipment between your jobs. Once you’ve finished one of your projects, give us a call and we will store your equipment/materials in our container and deliver it to your next worksite.

5. Storage

Whether you’re remodeling your home, restoring it or could simply use some extra storage, portable storage containers can come in handy for a variety of other reasons. One of the great features about these containers — at companies like SAM (Store & Move), at least — is that they can be stored in a state-of-the-art storage facility with a 24-hour alarm system and fire sprinkler system. You can trust that your belongings will be safe and out of your way, regardless of your reason for storing them.

These are just a few of the reasons why people use portable storage containers. If you’re interested in renting one, give us a call at 972-438-2726 today.

26 Cities In DFW Where You’ll Find Moving Pods Near You

26 Cities In DFW Where You_ll Find Moving Pods Near You“Moving pods near me.” It’s a query many of us put into our phones when we’ve decided that portable storage containers are the best option for our next move. The only question is, if you live in DFW, is there a convenient company that rents them nearby? There are actually several options in North Texas for moving and storage containers — and it’s best to review a comparison between them to see which is right for you — but for the purposes of this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the top cities in the SAM (Store & More) service area. Then’ll we cover the benefits of using them.

Moving Pods Near You In DFW

From Benbrook to McKinney, chances are good that you’re in the service area for moving pods like SAM (Store and Move). Here are 26 cities in Dallas-Fort Worth where you’ll find moving pods near you:

  1. Dallas
  2. Fort Worth
  3. Arlington
  4. Plano
  5. Garland
  6. Denton
  7. Keller
  8. Grand Prairie
  9. Richardson
  10. Lewisville
  11. Irving
  12. Addison
  13. Frisco
  14. Allen
  15. McKinney
  16. Grapevine
  17. Southlake
  18. Flower Mound
  19. Coppell
  20. Farmers Branch
  21. The Colony
  22. Little Elm
  23. Highland Village
  24. Mesquite
  25. Carrollton
  26. Sachse

The list goes on. If you don’t see your city above, be sure to check out our service area page to see if your location qualifies for our services.

Benefits of Dallas-Fort Worth Moving Pods

Of course, you may simply have been wondering if it was possible for you to use moving pods during your move. If you’re still on the fence about the benefits of using moving storage containers in general, here are a few for you to consider:

  • They’re spacious: The contents of a typical 1,500 square foot home will fit easily in one container.
  • They’re weather-resistant: Containers are made from materials to keep items safe from the elements outside.
  • They’re sturdy: Containers feature galvanized steel frame construction.
  • They’re secure: Tie-down rings are included to prevent jostling and damage.
  • They’re reinforced: Fiberglass reinforcement prevents scratches and other superficial damage to contents.
  • They’re rugged: Each container has a latch and space for two locks, providing extra security.
  • They’re safe: Level with the ground, these containers eliminate the need for ramps and improve safety.
  • They’re roomy: Containers are 8’ high, meaning no stooping and lots of room to stack items.

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, moving pods can be extremely beneficial during your next move. To request a free quote, give us a call at 972-438-2726 today.

Will On-Site Storage Ever Rule the World?

Will On-Site Storage Ever Rule the World_The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) estimates that of the 3 million moves people make annually, 650,000 of them feature professional movers. The other 2.4 million are by consumer — either unassisted or with a rented truck, according to the AMSA. This begs the question: are we going to get to the point where everyone is using on-site storage?

Different people have different needs. Let’s determine whether on-site storage will meet all of them or if it’s just one of several viable options during moves.

Benefits of On-Site Storage

With all of the features and benefits of portable storage containers, it’s no surprise that on-site storage is so popular. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of SAM (Storage & Move) containers in particular:


  • Easy delivery and pickup: Choose when and where you want your storage container delivered and have it picked up with just a call. You don’t even have to be present!


  • Feature-packed containers: SAM containers have a translucent roof that allows light in, 16 mounted tie-down rings for securing items, an easy-to-use roll-up door, smooth interior walls and other features.
  • Flexibility and convenience: Take as long as you need to load and unload your containers. On-site storage is all about giving you maximum flexibility and convenience during your move.
  • Plenty of space: Every container is approximately 16′ long, 8′ wide, and 8′ high. A SAM (Store & Move) container holds the contents of a typical 1,500-square-foot home.
  • Supplies offered: Rope and locks are available on request.
  • High security: Store your belongings with confidence. Know that when you store with SAM, your belongings will be safe with a highly secure portable self-storage unit made from galvanized steel.



The list of benefits goes on. But does that mean on-site storage will rule the world one day?

What About Other Options?

Some situations may require the help of a full-service team of professional movers. Or, it might make sense to get a combination of moving help and on-site storage. There are several possibilities and choosing the right one is up to you. Because there are so many different situations and types of people, it’s doubtful that on-site storage will ever be the only option for moving and storage. But it is one of the best options out there and is definitely worthy of your consideration.

If you’re interested in on-site storage for your next move, contact SAM (Storage & Move) today at 972-438-2726 for a free quote!

Portable Storage Solutions: Expectations vs. Reality

Portable Storage Solutions - Expectations vs. RealityExpectations? They don’t always line up with reality. This is especially true when expectations aren’t realistic. For example, you can’t really expect a local baker to exactly replicate the cake you saw on a television baking show that features professional food artists, state-of-the-art cameras and high-quality lighting. Do you have similar expectations for moving and storage?

Portable storage containers don’t just magically appear and disappear, contrary to popular belief. But they are so easy it may seem that way. You get to choose when they’re delivered, where they’re delivered and how you want to pack them up. Let’s explore other expectations and realities.

Expectation: All Storage Containers Are The Same

Reality: All storage containers aren’t owned by the same company, so there are going to be differences between different containers. While all are usually delivered to your location, many don’t feature smooth interior walls, translucent roofs or tie-down rings. Check out a portable storage container comparison chart for more details.

Expectation: I’m In Every Storage Company’s Service Area

Reality: With today’s modern technology, you might think you get service regardless of where you’re located. In reality, portable storage companies have designated service areas, so it’s important to confirm you’re located in one before making any assumptions. The good news is that these areas can be quite large. The service area for SAM (Store & Move), for example, goes from Benbrook to Mesquite and from Denton to Waxahachie.

Expectation: I Can Fit All My Belongings In One Container

Reality: Portable storage containers have certain dimensions and can only hold a limited amount of stuff. Fortunately, there are online storage calculators where you can determine how many specific items a storage container will hold and how many storage containers you will need for your move. That way, you can also determine whether you should store everything, or take this opportunity to sell, donate or throw away certain items you no longer want or need.

Expectation: Containers Magically Appear and Disappear

Reality: Well, this isn’t technically true. But it is so easy that it may seem like they do. Whenever you’re done loading or unloading your SAM, you simply place a phone call to the company and they’ll pick it up. You don’t even have to be there, which is why it may seem like magic sometimes.

Want to try out a portable storage container for yourself? Give the SAM (Store & Move) team a call today at 972-438-2726 or request a free quote online.

Answers to 6 Common Questions About Commercial Storage Containers

Answers to 6 Common Questions About Commercial Storage ContainersWe’d like to think that we stop having so many questions once we’re out of the adolescent stage, but that’s not really true. Life is full of questions, which is why we watch quiz shows on television, participate in trivia board games and are always wondering what happened to the second sock on laundry days.

Commercial storage is one of these topics where people have questions. What do you put underneath storage containers, for example? Can you buy the container? We answer these two questions about commercial storage containers, along with four others.

Question: What Do You Put Underneath Storage Containers?

Answer: Usually made from sturdy materials — SAM (Store & Move) commercial storage containers are framed with galvanized steel, for example — storage containers need no special material or foundation underneath them. They do need ground that is flat, however. Rugged terrain and unlevel concrete are not the best places to put storage containers, as items in them won’t be as secure and are at risk for shifting.

Question: Can You Buy the Storage Container?

Answer: Most storage containers are for rent only, but there are always exceptions. Contact the commercial storage container company for more information on their selling policy.

Question: Are The Containers Climate Controlled?

Answer: It depends on where you’re storing them. If you’re having the storage container delivered to your commercial facility outside, it’s likely not going to be climate controlled. If you choose to store it in a warehouse, on the other hand, it may be climate controlled. SAM ‘s 66,000-square foot warehouse has climate-controlled storage available and is monitored by a 24-hour alarm system and contains sprinklers.

Question: Is There a Minimum Rental Period?

Answer: This also depends on the company that rents the storage container, but SAM (Store & Move) offers storage by month with no minimum.

Question: Do You Rent to Contractors?

Answer: Yes, commercial storage containers can be delivered to job sites as you are completing work. Once you’ve filled it up with materials and tools, just give the company a call and they’ll pick it up and deliver it to your next work location. These containers make moving or storing construction materials and equipment a breeze!

Question: How Much Are Estimates?

Answer: Free! Simply give the company renting out the commercial storage container a call or request a free estimate online by filling out a quote form.

If you have any other questions about commercial storage containers, give SAM (Store & Move) a call today at 972-438-2726.

Do You Need a Permit for Dallas Storage Pods?

Do You Need a Permit for Dallas Storage Pods_It’s easy to overlook the details when it comes to moving and storage. After all, you’re likely excited about your destination and mainly thinking about your belongings, your family and what you’re going to do once you get there. If you plan on using a portable storage container during your Dallas move, however, one thing you need to keep in mind is permits.

Specifically, if you use a moving storage container in Dallas, do you need a parking permit? How do you get one? What is the cost? We answer all of these questions in this post.

Do You Need a Permit for Dallas Storage Pods?

For starters, do you even need a permit for a storage container in Dallas? It depends largely on where you plan to put it. If it’s at an apartment complex, on the street, in a residential area with an HOA or intersects a public sidewalk (even on a private driveway), you likely need a parking permit. Regulations differ by location, so be sure to contact the Dallas Parking Enforcement and Management office to make sure you don’t need city permission. Even if you don’t, you may need permission from your HOA or whoever owns the land you’re placing your storage pod on.

How Do You Get a Permit for Dallas Storage Pods?

Unfortunately, to get a Dallas storage pod parking permit, you have to apply for it — which requires paperwork. The good news is that you can do this in person, by phone and sometimes even online. Make sure you plan for this at least weeks in advance, however, as you need to get the permit approved and may need to put up signs warning your neighbors about your need for the space where you’re storing the container. (If you don’t do signs, we recommend at least warning your neighbors as a courtesy.) Also, make sure you think about both your original location and your future destination.

What Is the Cost for Dallas Storage Pod Permits?

Prices for permits vary. The cost for your destination will depend on where it is. As for Dallas, there are usually small fees associated with permits, though they can be as low as $6 (for residential parking permit hang tags, for example). Again, it depends on where you plan on putting your storage container. You’ll likely find out the exact cost for your storage pod permit when you call the Dallas Parking Enforcement and Management office to see if you need a permit in the first place. If you’re storing somewhere on private property (such as your home’s land), you might not have to pay anything at all.

If you’re interested in renting a Dallas storage pod or have any other questions about our containers, give us a call at 972-438-2726 today.

13 Things About Moving Containers You May Not Have Known

13 Things About Moving Containers You May Not Have KnownPortable storage containers are becoming more and more popular these days as people enjoy the flexibility and convenience they provide. But how much do you really know about them?

Did you know, for example, that you can fit 62 armchairs in one storage container? Or that some containers have a translucent roof that allows light in? Here are 13 little-known facts about moving containers that you might find interesting:

  1. They’re delivered to your location – While a basic benefit of moving containers, people may not know that they can be delivered to the location of your choice, as long as you’re in a company’s designated service area.
  2. You can use them for more than just moving – Whether you’re decluttering or staging your home, moving containers can be extremely useful for a variety of situations other than relocating.
  3. Their smooth interior protects your belongings – Why would a smooth interior matter? Because any part of the interior that isn’t smooth puts your belongings at risk for scratches, dings, dents and other forms of damage.
  4. Some have translucent roofs – Portable storage containers like SAM (Storage & Move) have a translucent roof. Why? Because it allows light in, making it easy to see when inside and loading or unloading your container.
  5. Not all moving containers are created equal – The features you’ll get with a moving container vary by brand. That’s why it’s important to look at a moving container comparison chart before making your decision.
  6. Having them picked up is easy – Once you’re done loading or unloading your moving container, having it picked up is as easy as making a call. The best companies won’t use call centers, either, so you’ll be talking to a live person.
  7. They feature galvanized steel framing – This sturdy material is resistant to rust and is the same material used is modern buildings, so you know it’s strong. SAMs are constructed with galvanized steel and other state-of-the-art materials.
  8. You can fit 62 armchairs in one container – Or 51 rocking chairs. Or 62 small desks. Or 310 ironing boards. Or a combination of other items. Check out the online storage calculator to see how many items will fit in one or more containers.
  9. Your items are potentially protected from fire and theft – If you choose to store your container in SAM’s concrete storage facility, your items will benefit from a fully functioning sprinkler system and 24-hour alarm system.
  10. They have an excellent track record – One look at all the reviews for moving containers and you’ll see why they’re becoming so popular these days. Be sure to read them to learn more about individual experiences.
  11. You don’t have to be there for delivery – To add more convenience, moving containers can be delivered without your presence! Simply call and let the company know where you’d like them.
  12. You can load or unload at your own pace – One of the other main benefits of moving containers is that you can take as much time as you need to unload or load your belongings.
  13. You can get free quotes – That’s right, you can easily submit a quote online for a free estimate on what moving containers would cost you.

If you’re interested in renting a SAM (Storage & Move) for your next Dallas-Fort Worth move, request a quote by calling us at 972-438-2726 today!

Storage Container Comparison: SAM vs. PODS® vs. Pack Rat® vs. U-Pack®

Storage Container Comparison - SAM vs. PODS vs. Pack Rat vs. U-PackPeople often say some things are like “comparing apples to oranges.” Why? It’s usually because they’re so different that it’s easy to distinguish one from the other. But what about when it comes to things that are a little more similar than these two fruits?

Take portable storage containers, for example. How do SAM (Store & Move) containers compare to the top moving storage containers out there? Let’s take a look at each of them.

SAM (Store & Move)

When it comes to portable storage containers in Dallas-Fort Worth, it doesn’t get much better than SAM. Not only are these containers delivered to your location, they feature smooth interior walls in all containers for easy loading. They also have translucent roofs for natural lighting and tie-down rings in all containers for easily securing items. Finally, SAM is locally owned and operated and there is an online space calculator where you can see how much storage each unit holds.


While PODS® are delivered to your location, they don’t include many of the features you’ll find in SAM. For example, they don’t have smooth interior walls in all containers for easy loading, nor do they have a translucent roof. There are also no tie-down rings for easily securing items and the company isn’t locally owned and operated. There is a calculator online where you can determine how much space each POD® holds, however.

Pack Rat®

Pack Rat® is similar to PODS® in that it doesn’t have many of the features found in SAM. The main difference is that Pack Rat® does not offer an online space calculator. But like PODS®, they don’t have smooth interior walls in all containers for easy loading, nor do they have a translucent roof. There are also no tie-down rings for easily securing items and the company isn’t locally owned and operated.


Finally, U-Pack® is similar to PODS® as well, in that it offers delivery to your location and an online space calculator. But they don’t have smooth interior walls in all containers for easy loading, nor do they have a translucent roof. There are also no tie-down rings for easily securing items and the company isn’t locally owned and operated.

For an easy-to-read comparison chart, click here. Want to try out SAM for yourself and see how it compares to other portable storage containers? Give us a call at 972-438-2726 for a free quote today!

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