8 Tips for Organizing Your Commercial Storage Container

8 Tips for Organizing Your Commercial Storage ContainerChaos. It’s a critical part of Greek mythology. It’s a 2005 action film starring Jason Statham. It’s the constant state of a house in which one or more toddlers reside. In general, it’s a condition of disorder and confusion.

The last thing you need during a commercial move is chaos. Packing your commercial storage container incorrectly can cause it. Here are some ways to ensure your commercial storage container is organized properly for easy access.

  1. Get the right number of containers.

The last thing you want is realizing your need for an additional container halfway through the process. Instead of dealing with the hassle of contacting the company and coordinating another container deliver, make sure you get the right number of containers in the beginning. Fortunately, there are storage calculators online where you can input your items and see the exact number of containers you’ll need for your move.

  1. Create an inventory.

Commercial businesses are used to taking inventory, so this one should be easy. Make a master list of all your items, make a list of which boxes have which items and assign a number to each box that you also track on your list. You don’t have to do it on paper, either — a digital inventory works just fine.

  1. Choose the right boxes.

Pack heavier items in smaller boxes and large/light items in bigger boxes. Also, be sure breakable items go in smaller boxes and low-density items go in larger boxes. Ask your moving specialist if you have any questions about choosing the right boxes.

  1. Label those boxes

Mark boxes with the numbers you assigned during your inventory, as well as what’s in the box and what room it goes in. You might also want to mark the boxes you’ll be placing toward the front, which we’ll cover below. The more details, the better!

  1. Plan your layout ahead of time.

By planning a layout for the storage container ahead of time, you’ll be more organized and can make the most of the space. Measure twice, cut once.

  1. Document your layout.

Don’t just plan the layout in your mind, either. Put it down on paper so you can reference it during packing. Even better, make multiple copies of the layout and hang at least one of them up inside the container where you (and others) can see it.

  1. Keep needed items toward the front.

If you don’t unpack all of the storage container in one day, make sure you have access to items needed most. That means avoiding packing things like important office documents in the back. If you marked the boxes you’ll need most (like we mentioned above), you’ll be set.

  1. Be smart about stacking.

Finally, put some thought into how you actually stack boxes. Don’t just start stacking and hope for the best. Put heavier boxes toward the bottom, stack from back to front in order of need and consider using a “brick-style” pattern where boxes are overlapped for superior reinforcement.

That’s it! If you’re in need of a commercial storage container, contact SAM (Store & Move) today for a free quote today.

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