6 Tips for Setting Up a Home Office

6 Tips for Setting Up a Home OfficeWorking remotely used to be an option for about 5 percent of the American population. Thanks to the events of 2020, more than half of us are now working from home or have worked from home recently. This is becoming the new normal for a large percentage of workers. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to focus on work when there are kids running around and other distractions. If you don’t already have a home office, it might be time to set one up.

Here are six tips for how to set one up in your home:

  1. Create Some Separation

First and foremost, you need a space that you can dedicate to office work. Sharing a space with the kids’ playroom is probably not the best way to go. Converting a room you’re not using (like a formal dining room) into an office is an option, as is remodeling the basement, attic or section of the master bedroom. If you do have to share your office space, there are unique options out there like room dividers and acoustic panels that can give you visual and auditory separation. 

  1. Upgrade Your Equipment

Frustrated with a slow computer or internet speeds? Consider getting an upgrade. A home office isn’t any good if it takes you forever to get work done. If you’re concerned about budget, a refurbished computer might be a good way to go. Other equipment upgrade options include your keyboard, mouse, desk, chair, headphones and more. If you have to pay for any of these yourself, you can likely write it off on your taxes.

  1. Store Unnecessary Items

If the space where you want to set up a home office is cluttered with belongings, perhaps it’s time to get rid of them or put them in storage. A residential storage container is a great way to go here, as you can use it for as long as you want. Whether you need to remodel or permanently clear some space, a storage container is a great way to go.

  1. Add Soothing Accessories

A good home office environment is one that reduces stress as much as possible. After all, work alone can be stressful, especially if it’s at home with distractions. Consider buying noise-canceling headphones, an exercise ball, fidget spinners, stress balls or a piece of artwork you particularly enjoy. 

  1. Improve the Lighting

Just as important to your home office environment as accessories, lighting can play a big part in your mood as you work. Swap out any fluorescent bulbs for natural ones and your space will feel more like a coffee shop and less like a retail store. 

  1. Swap Out Your Desk

Finally, make sure your desk and chair are as comfortable as possible. This is the part of your home office where you’ll spend the most time, so invest accordingly. You might even want to consider a standing desk or one that transitions from standing to sitting.

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