6 Tips for Renovating Your Commercial Business


There are a variety of reasons why commercial businesses choose to renovate. Offices, for example, may find themselves shifting to more remote work and don’t need as many desks or employee-centric areas. Retail locations may choose to renovate to better fit the needs of customers. Other businesses rebrand. The list goes on.

Regardless of the reason, if you’re considering renovating your commercial business, here are some tips to help you out.

1. Create a renovation team.

If you’re a business owner or manager, you have a lot on your plate. When it comes to your commercial business renovation, you can definitely share your vision and have a final say on decisions, but try to delegate responsibilities if you can. Getting in the weeds about details like lighting and electrical systems will only stress you out and prevent enjoyment of the renovation or seeing the big picture.

2. Set a budget and timeline.

Give your team a set budget and timeline for the renovation as well. No one knows the bottom line better than you, so you know what is feasible and what’s not. The timeline can have a direct impact on the budget, as any downtime is lost profit.

3. Store fixtures and equipment in portable storage containers.

It’s difficult for renovators and construction teams to navigate desks, chairs and other fixtures and equipment during a renovation. Keep unused items out of the way by storing them in a commercial storage container, which you can keep onsite and easily unload when necessary.

4. Have renovators store items onsite as well.

To maximize the efficiency of the project and shorten the timeline, an on-site storage container for the renovation team can be helpful. Whether you have painters, roofers, electricians, HVAC technicians or plumbers on site, have them store equipment and supplies in a container and reduce the number of trips to the store or headquarters.

5. Incentivize timely project completion.

If you have staff working on the project, you can give them incentives for completing it quickly, such as bonuses or time off. You can also negotiate a better rate with a renovation team if the project is completed by a certain date. If the team doesn’t complete it in time, you save money, but if they do, you eliminate downtime. Win-win.

6. Keep productivity in mind.

If at all possible, try to maintain business operations while the renovation is being completed. Have employees work from home, or, again, store items in a storage container on site. You can also keep extra inventory in a container so it’s there if needed. Think outside the box and make sure productivity is a priority.
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