6 Little-Known Hacks Only the Storage Professionals Use

6 Little-Known Hacks Only the Storage Professionals UsePeople love life hacks. Just do a search on YouTube and you’ll see a variety of practical, tip-filled videos that rack up millions of views. These hacks aren’t limited to food or organization, however. They apply to moving and storage as well.

For example, do you take clothes off hangers during a move? Are your glass items protected from shattering? Let’s look at six ways storage pros cleverly address these issues (and others) using hacks.

  1. Keep The Hangers on Coats

It’s easy to get into a rhythm of packing clothes. You take the clothes off the rack, remove the hangers, fold the clothes, put them in the box, take them out of the box once you move, unfold them and put them back on hangers before putting them in your new closet. Have you ever thought about why you’re even removing hangers in the first place? Keep them on! It’ll save lots of time and hassle.

  1. Color-Code Your Boxes

Whether you use stickers, tape, markers or something else, color-coding your boxes can save lots of frustration when it comes to figuring out what items go where. You can sort by room (e.g. living room, kitchen, etc.) and even parts of rooms (e.g. nightstand, makeup cabinet, etc.). If you want an even easier identification method, invest in colorful plastic containers. This might be particularly useful for holiday decorations—store Christmas items in a green box, Halloween in an orange box and so forth.

  1. Set Aside a Bag for Personal Use

There are few things worse than realizing something you need on moving day is packed away in who-knows-what-box. Set aside a personal bag before you start packing and make sure it has anything you’ll need during the move. We’re talking toiletries, medications, IDs and even food/water.

  1. Protect Glass with Tape

Did you know that you can prevent broken glass from getting all over your other belongings? Simply tape over any glass in some sort of pattern (such as an “X” or “Z”) and cover it with cardboard, blankets or other protective layer. You can also surround the whole thing in bubble wrap. It’ll make cleanup a lot easier if glass shatters.

  1. Take Pictures of Entertainment Setups

Another way to save some frustration is taking pictures of entertainment setups with your cell phone. Before you unhook your surround sound, media center or home office, snap a quick photo to see how all the connections were set up. If you don’t have the original user manuals, this might be the only way to remember the right configuration.

  1. Have the Storage Come to You

Finally, you can give yourself peace of mind by moving or storing on your timetable, at your location. Portable storage containers are spacious, easy to load and can be kept on your property for as long as you need them. There’s a reason why home staging personnel, decluttering professionals and other storage professionals use them. You can do the same!

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